Thursday, December 28, 2006

block island

ahhhhh....I am just coming up for air now! Just got internet back up in my new / old house after living here for 2 weeks with no phone, cable or internet. Modern day horror movie, you say? Tell me about it! I have to say it was nice not really having a choice as I had and still have an entire house to renovate and children to rear, holidays with my family to enjoy etc. We are closing on our old house tomorrow morning which will end an old chapter of our lives as landlords and begin a new one as single family dwellers! So why the image with the smoke and flag...well, I was just revisiting some images I shot in September while shooting a wedding on Block Island and came across this one. It was interesting because my husband and I were eating at a cafe and saw this from across the way- it was behind a small grill type place that was preparing their grills while the sun was hitting this tree and it created the most intense Jesus beams of light. To make the light even better was the smell of food cooking...I ran over and started shooting and the cook came over, wondering what I was so excited about. I pointed to the tree and said 'Isn't that so incredible?' He was like, 'Oh, it's like that every morning...' I guess this is one of the things I get really excited about as a photographer- great light. And the smell of burgers on the grill!