Sunday, April 27, 2008

wedding in vienna, austria

While in Vienna a few weeks back Steve and I had the honor of being asked along to a wedding by our awesome host Wolfgang! To say we were psyched out of our minds would be the understatement of the year!! I had no idea what to expect, especially since Wolfgang informed us of how differently they shoot weddings in Austria versus the United States. For one, they only shoot their weddings for one to two hours! They don't typically shoot the getting ready stuff (I know, I know!!!) Or the reception- just the ceremony and the portraits.

The bride arrived on a cable/trolley car that was a surprise from her parents...nice, right??

She had some time to wait on the car so Wolfgang, Steve and I all got to shoot some portraits of her.

There was this cool little plaque hanging on the car that I had to shoot

The bride and her Dad right before they walked down the aisle

Steve rocking the ceremony, as usual! :)

After the receiving line the guests lined up with sparklers- it was so much fun to be more creative and risky since I was the third shooter!

Towards the end of Wolfgang's portrait shoot they let me tag in for a bit!!

Our host Wolfgang working his angles for his group portraits

Steve in action

Steve and I couldn't WAIT to shoot against this wall

While Wolfgang was shooting I scoped out the grounds and found this unassuming little wall covered in ivy but was really lamenting the fact that it was not my wedding so I could not be all bossy and demand to shoot there :) But I sure kept dropping subtle hints! This bride and groom were so willing to let Steve and I shoot that when I thought they were all done they were like, 'no, no more pictures!' How often does THAT happen?? Make a mental note, carla ten eyck photography clients! I LOVED it and was really able to let loose and get some fun stuff. Like this ivy shot, I was really seeing it in my favorite Pro Action Newsprint while shooting it, with a subtle texture- like I could completely visualize it. I think it's lovely but am also in love with the color version of this as well!

Then I was really trying to work the sun flare and caught this shot of them laughing at us making fun of how intensely they kissed each other when I said 'ok, kiss' They are too cute! I am also a big fan of this bizarro shape stuff I am getting when I actually have the luck to get some sun flare, what is UP with it?

jennifer + nicole northampton e shoot

Last week Mike and I met up with two of the biggest sweethearts (not to mention funny!!) Jen and Nicole! We started off our engagement shoot at their house with their dogs, which always adds another fun element to a shoot. Sometimes the beginning part of the shoot can be the most challenging, for obvious reasons- what do we expect of each other, how comfortable are they being photographed, how much direction do they need, you know- the usual! :) But these guys were completely at home at their place with their little dogs it made it really easy for Mike and I to just sit back and shoot, throw in a couple jokes here and there, laugh, shoot some more...

Mike has been really digging the shadow shots + foot shot variation. As Borat would say 'Great success!'

On our way up to Northampton....

We got to go to the Log Cabin in Holyoke and enjoy the beautiful view

Mike rocking a shot

This is what he was shooting

My variation of the same shot

Jen always has a quick comeback and an even quicker laugh!

Before we even got to Jen & Nicole's I told Mike that I have always wanted to shoot in a Magnolia tree and that I had noticed that they were in prime bloom- so if we saw one on the way to please remind me. Well. While almost in Northampton I saw one in the most beautiful light and slammed my fist into their door as hard as I could I was so excited!! No one in the car was fazed, certainly not Mike! Nicole politely asked me to 'use my words' and about all I could stammer out was 'magnolia tree!!' And so we had fun trying all kinds of new stuff here.

Mike started off with what is becoming his and my favorite variation of a 'mike romano shot' - I love it and how differently it works for each shoot where he or I frame it up like this- it's always a bit different but clearly a Mike Romano shot!

Jen & Nicole were so kind to climb up the tree (on their request)

I am really digging kind of hiding my rings within the shot lately. It was even more fun having TWO engagement rings to play with!

This is the shot I had in my head for like, EVER- two people kissing in the magnolia blooms...! Little did I know that the best post production treatment for this image would be high contrast SEPIA??!!! But really. Color actually detracted from this picture, the grass was way too green in the back and just made you not see all of the little nuances of this that make me love it!!

Me going under the tree and shooting out was a fun way to grab some shade and try a new take on a feet and hand shot

Mike was really working some new angles I think it's a nice way to include the blooms and the nice blue of the sky

We stopped off at Spoleto, an incredible restaurant! I highly recommend their linguini and white clam sauce

I can guarantee you do NOT want to know what Mike is showing Nicole! Those two got along great and it soon because 'their side of the table' VS 'our side of the table'

Jen & Nicole- Mike and I had such a great time with you guys and can't WAIT for your wedding!!

**on a kind of unrelated note... check out the new logo I made just for Mike- this way you can see how each of us interpreted the shoot, which in my opinion is becoming harder and harder to tell who is shooting WHAT!! Yes we are even fighting over it bc sometimes during a shoot we will actually switch cameras because he will have a lens on that I want (and obviously I need to shoot something quick otherwise I would obviously change lenses) and since we have the same gear and all, it makes it super easy to do and kind of fun- I try to change all of his settings on him and not tell him. Just for fun.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

happy birthday to moi & Amanda Harris

Amy Ross Jacob drove in all the way from BOSTON to heckle me!

Georgie burning her marshmallows, just like Mommy likes it!

Steve Steve Steve
My girls, Jean, Dodie and Susannah

Paul McNerney, all cute like

Nikki Nicole putting her hot air to good use! SNAP!

Come on. Seriously?

Steve is getting all competitive with Jack! He's FIVE dude.

If I ever ask you to shoot my family portrait charge me double!


LOVE this shot of me and my boy Jack Bibs

Robin Dini is SO shy!

My girl Krystal, looking super sweet

Susannah Susannah Susannah

Me & G.... LOVE it


Dave and Georgie, grillin it up!

My girl Gigi loves her some Jean!

Amanda Harris & her beau, the smarty pants Mr. Jeff Herzberger- he wore pink just for me!

Nikki Nicole waxing poetic by the fire

Steve DePino playing trains with Jack- they LOVE Steve DePino! He's aiight

My 35th birthday rolled in while Steve and I were in Vienna so my husband decided to host a cookout when I got back last week so I could celebrate with the kids and some friends- it was the best birthday gift ever!
Right before I left for Vienna Dave and I had a really great date night just chillin' & grillin' in our backyard, which has been totally transformed from last spring! It used to be overrun with poison ivy and all kinds of random trees so we landscaped it, installed a killer patio and put a fire pit in the back by the fence overlooking the river. Yes, that's right this gal has a river in her back yard in Hartford! The Park River aka the Hog River that used to run by Mark Twain's house and underneath the Soldier's & Sailor's Memorial Arch in downtown Hartford, which is now shamefully buried underground, is alive and babbling away in my back yard! I feel like Paul spouting off random information like this but I am pumped about my little old Hartford river!!

So...we were hanging out having a glass of vino and some shrimp on the barbie and then retired to the fire pit to listen to our little old babbling river and enjoy the fire when I thought- THIS is what I want for my birthday, to chill like this with some of my favorite peeps!! Come to find out is is also my girl Amanda Harris' birthday AND her dog Strider's birthday!

Anyway- here are some images that were taken by a variety of people throughout the night- me, Mike, Jean and Krystal were shooting away all night and caught some cool shots of me and my family and friends...

Honestly some of the images I have now are some of my favorites that I have of me and my kids!