Monday, April 21, 2008

Paul + Matt and their DAM workshop!

My good friends and super talented and smart photographers Paul McNerney and Matt Wagner are joining forces and hosting a seminar on Digital Asset Management and work flow for Wedding & Portrait Photographers using Lightroom next Wednesday April 30th!

I am SO bummed that I will be on the white sandy beaches of Mexico playing with my husband & kids and not attending this! Wait. No really I wish I could go because I know I could bone up on my work flow and really utilize Lightroom's power and sophisticated skills WAY better than I am...!

Seats are booking up fast but I thought I would post about this as I know it is something that I think every photographer could really benefit from!

Check it out HERE


Teresa Wagner said...

thanks for your support, have fun in Mexico!

Studio Foto said...

Thank you carla:) I think the white sandy beaches win!