Thursday, April 24, 2008

lynne + scott wedding at the fox hill inn

My girl Lynne is a shoe gal and was PUMPED (no pun intended) to contribute to my shoe-shooting obsession! I love her shoes and was also loving the deep red velvet chair in the hotel lobby where I set this shot up.

When I shoot my bride's getting ready at a hotel the only thing I miss is not having anything personal of theirs around- so I asked Lynne to bring anything she thought would work with how I shoot my rings, in particular. She brought her horoscope which reference the 12th and how she will know 'with utter certainty' that she is on the right track! How cool is that??

Shooting the dress also presents a bit of a creative challenge, I think, so I like to use the caddy thing in different places to hang the dress- I love using the hallways in particular!

Love the light in the room, it gave me some great opportunities to shoot silhouettes and get some really nice side lit shots of Lynne as she got her makeup done by her incredible make up artist / good friend.

The parent relationships at weddings always get me going emotionally- so I was super psyched when Mike caught this beautiful moment between Lynne and her Mom Jean after she got dressed.

Lynne & Scott have the cutest Pug Milo, which Lynne insisted on pimping out in a tux! I can't say I wasn't excited!! But nothing compares to how excited Mike gets when he sees dogs, let alone dogs wearing clothes. :) Mike shot Scott with Milo and I shot Lynne with Milo before they saw each other

Lynne & Scott decided to see each other before their ceremony, and this is a shot I snagged after they hugged- how happy does Lynne look??

Here are some portraits we shot before the ceremony-

I shot this in the room where their cocktail hour was going to be in front of a window that looked cool and all but looked even cooler blown out! I had seen Jerry Ghionis in Las Vegas and he showed how he shot this amazing couple (which always helps... :) in front of a less than amazing window- he created a killer shot by how he posed the couple and by just metering for the couple and blowing out the background he created this really incredible shot that was about the light, the couple and that was it. So I have been really itching to try that and decided that this window presented a great opportunity- I think it worked out quite nicely!

Gotta have my feet shot! We started shooting up on the covered balcony because it started sprinkling, but then the sun broke through and gave me a really nice shadow that got me all fired up

The girls getting touched up before the ceremony- it's a cute room that had some really beautiful light coming through.

Having two shooters at a wedding affords us the opportunity to get shots like this incredibly beautiful shot of Lynne and her Dad walking down the steps to the aisle that Mike shot.

Having a second shooter there also lets me get a more little creative- after shooting Lynne and her Dad coming down the aisle- I saw that her Mom was also photographing them so I framed this up through her Mom's camera.

Lynne during the ceremony

Mike shot this of Lynne & Scott during their martini themed cocktail hour

Scott sang a song that he had sung when they were in college (I think he said he stood on a table in the caf and sang it in front of everyone? What girl doesn't want that??) so he sang it again for Lynne at their wedding as a surprise. He has such a great voice- he had me all choked up!

At the end of the night we grabbed some more shots of them in the beautiful lobby, from two different angles- I went upstairs and Mike got this great shot focusing on Scott's ring- I love it!

At the end of the night Lynne & Scott rode the bus back to the hotel with their guests

We had such a great time with you and your families- let's get together SOON!!!



Robert J. Trenske said...

Hey Carla, these pictures are great! I love the shoe and ring shots but especially love the shot of the bridemaids showing only their feet. Something about the colors and the lighting is really amazing. The picture of the mom photographing the isle and the martini glass picture are really creative and framed so nicely. Beautiful job!

Robin Dini Photography said...

really awesome guys! seriously love love love love love love love the shoe shots!

E. Broderick Photography said...

Speechless here. These picturea are just amazing. You and Mike are like the Dream Team. These images are fantastic--the rings, the dress in the hallway, the silhouettes (how to spell that?, the martini glass...I especially love the close-ups of their faces. Just gorgeous.

Eric Foley said...

Love'um Carla, it's always nice to see what your ever creative mind is going to cook up next! Very inspirational as always!

raw photo design said...

Carla!! These are INCREDIBLE (as always)!!! You're always pushing the creative envelope....

Rnormfoto said...

You work the Fox Hill Inn girl! Love the martini shot and the rear angle on her great dress too!

Jean & Skip said...

You SO rock!! I just got back from vacation last night and so I just saw these 5 minutes ago. You are AMAZING!!! The smile just isn't leaving my face! Thank you for capturing this wonderful day in Lynne & Scott's (and our families') lives. I can't wait to see all the shots. Awesome!! Jean (Lynne's mom)

Jean & Skip said...
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laurie said...

you never cease to amaze rock!!!! I so miss hanging out with you, you have a way of pulling out the best in people and it shows in your pictures...don't u want to come to NC?

Tony Spinelli Photography said...

Great stuff Carla! Your work always inspires me.

nikki nicole photography said...

wow amazing as usual!

that shoe shot though is killer!!!!!!!

Susannah McGlamery said...

These pictures are amazing... Lynne looks gorgeous and you really captured her incredible spirit in these pics!!