Wednesday, October 29, 2008

oh it's not just wednesday, it's pick on mike day

well....not really pick on mike day so much as just post about this one shoot in particular where he was cracking me UP with his shooting craziness....we are always trying to shoot each other while we shoot and get really unflattering pictures of each other, he wins hands down, but it's still fun to see what we do while we shoot!

take this shot for example! We were both SO pumped at the whole chicken element of the shoot that we wanted to incorporate them in any way we could. Check Mike out trying to get her ring with the chicken feet! Way to think outside of the coop! bah-CAW!!!

Now in his own words 'If I weren't scared of heights I would be a firefighter' He is a CHICKEN about heights! Not that I am one to cast stones, although that statement would say otherwise! I am a BIGGER chicken about heights, I just don't hide it like the stoic Mr. Romano does... so it was a thrill to see him conquer his fear for a shot! The roof was only about 8 feet off the ground mind you....I'm just sayin'

He got quite a series of cool ring shots up on the weathervane- but I couldn't resist getting this shot of him putting his back into it!

Now this shot is a prime example of me eating my own words! Visual sweep much? I was like MAN! This shot is AWESOME! And then I looked up. Nuff said.

One of my favorite things about Mike is his creativity. He likes to really push his compositions and angles, I really liked the shot he got from this.

I think he was just tired at this point

Mike is such an animal lover. Even chickens! He wasn't scared of them at all. I was! Right after he got this hen on him he tried to get her to fly at me - I almost peed in my pants! No shot of that though, sorry!

Causing trouble in the hen house

Way to put yourself out there for your work Mr. Romano! Paul and Erica's wedding is our last wedding of the season- I can't wait for it and I know Mike can't either!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

take the leap!

This morning I found out from some friends that I had placed 8th in the Bridal Party category of the WPJA's (wedding photojournalists association) photo competition! Their contests are worldwide, and pretty competitive, for me at least! ;)I was a little worried because I didn't actually remember entering, it was quite a while back... so I almost thought they were joking!
But they were not! I am pretty excited, because one of my goals that I was actually laughing about, was to finally place in a WPJA competition! I am the worst editor for these things, and have not placed yet- in fact I had entered this shot once before and it got NADA! So, you never know what each judge will like...So don't be shy and enter shots you are proud of- you never know what could happen!

Big congrats to my friend Jane, she placed second in this category!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

mallory + chris wedding at the great river country club milford

Last Saturday Mike and I photographed Mallory & Chris' wedding at the Trumbull Congregational Church and the Great River Country Club in Milford. I just love shooting there- the are SO wonderful to work with! We had a special guest shooter, my good friend Miss Nikki Nicole come along and shoot with the day- and we had a BLAST!!
Mallory's bridesmaid Serena had us all cracking up here, I won't tell you what she said but it was hilarious!

These ladies were rocking the best shoes, they had such a sexy bow at the back!

I had a lot of fun shooting the dress- I started off in the hallway outside of the room, because it was full of girls getting ready and there wasn't really a place to hang I relied on my trusty back up of the hotel dolly cart hoo ha and started where I normally shoot- I like what I get, decide I wanted to add a shoe element to it, so I go to snag them from Mr. Romano who is busy shooting them in the lobby....

Then I see this BIG window in the lobby area and am like....hmmmm....wait a second...! And then decide to clear the entire room of it's furniture to create this shot.

Then when Mike is done shooting the shoes I added one to the cart to change up the whole feel of the shot. I really like what I got, but I really really LOVE what Mike got, I can't wait for him to blog it so you can check it out! In our efforts to one up each other we end up getting some really great shots, which only benefits our clients and each other, really!

So once we are done shooting the dress here, we put the room back together...and then I decide I wanted to shoot Mallory and her girls here, OF COURSE I DO because then I have to take the room apart again!! More work! But we do it quickly and get some fun shots!

I just loved the top of Mallory's dress, it is so beautiful and lacy

A new spin on our hairspray shots...and this perfume smelled really nice!

I feel a little like my buddy Steve Depino with my moody, ring bearer shot! :) This little guy was SO cute and quite a contender on the dance floor!

These pipes made such a cool backdrop for shooting, talk about leading lines

I love the minister's smile here

After the ceremony, we hid out and let the church clear out so we could do family pictures...there was the most beautiful room where Mallory and Chris could just have a moment to collect themselves and enjoy being married...this is my most favorite time for them, it can be pretty overwhelming!

Just call me a compositional rabble-rouser... putting them smack in the middle and all

Super sexy shoes and beautiful flowers!!

I love this shot of Mallory

Trying to change up my feet shots a bit, I am just loving the texture in her lacy dress and the cobblestones

The dusky light is just so soft and beautiful...

I almost lost my spleen trying to lean over the railing- these were WAY child proof- much to my dismay! But I am glad I risked my life and internal organs for this shot- it's my favorite of the day!

Yes, I could have frozen their motion but made the executive, artistic decision not to! This just feels all 'newlywed-couple-caught-fleeing-in-an-alley-in-France' or something, no?

Again, I decided to be a little risky for this shot, turned off my flash and went with the motion- the best part? Her high heel!

OK, I lied. THIS is my favorite shot of the night!!! ha ha ha! Check out Miss Nikki Nicole all bright eyed and bushy tailed! We had a great time shooting with you, come back any time!!!

Mike's bright idea. Not sure why I followed along- save for the fact that I can NOW say I have put my flash in my mouth!

Mallory and Chris it was so good to see you guys again- we had an incredible time with you both and hope you had a relaxing and fun honeymoon!

Make sure you check out Mike's shots HERE, he rocked this wedding like I have never seen- it's NUTS!!

(but be patient, he has a new baby!!)


Friday, October 24, 2008

happy birthday mom

Today would have been my Mom's 62nd birthday, so if you can hear me Mother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD LADY!!!

There is so much I want to show you that I have done, and that the kids are doing! Georgie spelled J-A-C-K-S-O-N yesterday morning! And Jack, well he is just such an emotionally intuitive little guy, he is so in tune to my moods and emotional state and knows just when to tell me he loves me or show me something cute to make me smile...I am holding onto that with both hands, tightly and hoping that he stays that way.

Oh and they remember you! Jack still talks about that snoopy train that Saca got for you to give to him, remember? Well, I know. You're old! What can I tell you! But she got it for you to give him so that when he came to visit you would have something to give him... well he loves it still. Even though it is just a plastic toy that was filled with m&m's that she got from CVS! See how sentimental he is?

We celebrated Vikki's birthday last night, I can't believe how OLD she is getting! 31!! You would be so proud of her, she is doing so well and the kids just adore her.

Well Mom, happy birthday, go have some chocolate covered cherries or something- and go haunt Tere's new house, it's so cool- she has cactus in her backyard! FREAK!

I love you, I miss you more than seems humanly possible!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

stephanie + jason engagement shoot in Boston

One of my favorite things about engagement shoots is how incredibly different they can be- even when you go to some of the exact same places as other couples! Stephanie and Jason were so excited to take Mike and I on a walk through Boston for their engagement shoot- and so we met up by the Boston Public Library, one of the most beautiful libraries I have been in! Not to mention that it gave us a nice reprieve form the wind- it was super cold out!

Just going up the stairs into the library presents you with these neat little nooks with windows where we started our shoot... it was a little nerve wracking since Jason is really shy about public snuggling! But Stephanie couldn't be more attentive and cute and did quite a nice job of distracting him from all of the passer bys!

Her expressions in this series were all so different but I really enjoyed them all- they really represent her- she is so smiley and then can just morph into having the most adoring look on her face as she looks at Jason- who is just such a talkative and funny guy- he really made US comfortable by being so easy to talk to!

One of the best tings about the library is the interior courtyard- it's so pretty and it gave us a nice break from not only the wind but the crowds of people, so Jason really opened up and got more comfortable

Really liking the super snuggle- even though the marble was probably icy cold! They were good sports

The look on Stephanie's face during these net two shots just says how much she loves her guy!!

Probably one of my more interesting ring shots, for sure! Jason has several piercings and while we were plotting our course I had the idea of putting her ring in his ear, made me a little squeamish, I'll be honest but he was totally up for it and so was she! She said she loves his piercings because they are a part of him and she loves him so therefor A=C!

Loving breaking the 'rules' of photography- and also loving my use of quotes...How dare I not use the rule of thirds??!! oops I guess I still did by having them in the top third of the frame, but still, it's risky splitting the frame in half with the rail! ;) Huh, Foley?

I am a sucker for the moving train shot. I will do it again and again! And love it every time! Even though it shows every little dust spec on my sensor!

These lights were calling to me, I also liked that it said Beantown on it, even though I cut it off a bit, your brain is smart and can fill in the blanks like Vanna White

I know it's touristy, but I also am a fan of the t shirt stands, talk about telling people where you are, right! Since I am vertically challenged, I asked Stephanie and Jason to kneel for me since I was getting the top of the stand in my frame, they were more than happy to help and I was able to get the composition I needed! So thanks guys!

Ah, the Freedom Trail! Literally, it's the red line that leads you through Boston- we were on it for a bit and I really was digging the colors together

Since we pretty much shoot for a loooooong time it is inevitable that we will need to stop for nourishment! Is beer nourishment? It sure is! We went to BeerWorks, a place that Stephanie and Jason really love and got beer samplers- I had the Victory Red; Pumpkin Head Ale; Blueberry Ale and finished with the Peanut Butter Porter! Yeah, they were awesome!

Then we were off for cannolis in the North End of Boston, one of my favorite places to go! I think we went to Modern? They filled the shells up fresh and OMG they were super dope. Mike got a whoopie pie. Shocker!

So of course now it is dark, but Mike and I aren't worried! So we are actually LOOKING for dark alleys to duck into and shoot...!

Light is everywhere, you just have to look for it!

No flashes were used or harmed in any of these shots, by the way :)

This was in Quincy Market I think? We were looking for a bathroom and then we saw these cool lights and Mike set up a shot and I grabbed this-

Yeah, pretty cool alley way! I saw the smoke up top and then the light and was like HALT!!

On our way to our last T ride even though the light was yucky flourescent and bright and stuff I shot this because I knew I was going to make it black and white.

Mike and I had a great time with you guys, we can't wait for your wedding!!! Make sure you check out Mr. Romano's killer shots HERE!