Monday, October 27, 2008

mallory + chris wedding at the great river country club milford

Last Saturday Mike and I photographed Mallory & Chris' wedding at the Trumbull Congregational Church and the Great River Country Club in Milford. I just love shooting there- the are SO wonderful to work with! We had a special guest shooter, my good friend Miss Nikki Nicole come along and shoot with the day- and we had a BLAST!!
Mallory's bridesmaid Serena had us all cracking up here, I won't tell you what she said but it was hilarious!

These ladies were rocking the best shoes, they had such a sexy bow at the back!

I had a lot of fun shooting the dress- I started off in the hallway outside of the room, because it was full of girls getting ready and there wasn't really a place to hang I relied on my trusty back up of the hotel dolly cart hoo ha and started where I normally shoot- I like what I get, decide I wanted to add a shoe element to it, so I go to snag them from Mr. Romano who is busy shooting them in the lobby....

Then I see this BIG window in the lobby area and am like....hmmmm....wait a second...! And then decide to clear the entire room of it's furniture to create this shot.

Then when Mike is done shooting the shoes I added one to the cart to change up the whole feel of the shot. I really like what I got, but I really really LOVE what Mike got, I can't wait for him to blog it so you can check it out! In our efforts to one up each other we end up getting some really great shots, which only benefits our clients and each other, really!

So once we are done shooting the dress here, we put the room back together...and then I decide I wanted to shoot Mallory and her girls here, OF COURSE I DO because then I have to take the room apart again!! More work! But we do it quickly and get some fun shots!

I just loved the top of Mallory's dress, it is so beautiful and lacy

A new spin on our hairspray shots...and this perfume smelled really nice!

I feel a little like my buddy Steve Depino with my moody, ring bearer shot! :) This little guy was SO cute and quite a contender on the dance floor!

These pipes made such a cool backdrop for shooting, talk about leading lines

I love the minister's smile here

After the ceremony, we hid out and let the church clear out so we could do family pictures...there was the most beautiful room where Mallory and Chris could just have a moment to collect themselves and enjoy being married...this is my most favorite time for them, it can be pretty overwhelming!

Just call me a compositional rabble-rouser... putting them smack in the middle and all

Super sexy shoes and beautiful flowers!!

I love this shot of Mallory

Trying to change up my feet shots a bit, I am just loving the texture in her lacy dress and the cobblestones

The dusky light is just so soft and beautiful...

I almost lost my spleen trying to lean over the railing- these were WAY child proof- much to my dismay! But I am glad I risked my life and internal organs for this shot- it's my favorite of the day!

Yes, I could have frozen their motion but made the executive, artistic decision not to! This just feels all 'newlywed-couple-caught-fleeing-in-an-alley-in-France' or something, no?

Again, I decided to be a little risky for this shot, turned off my flash and went with the motion- the best part? Her high heel!

OK, I lied. THIS is my favorite shot of the night!!! ha ha ha! Check out Miss Nikki Nicole all bright eyed and bushy tailed! We had a great time shooting with you, come back any time!!!

Mike's bright idea. Not sure why I followed along- save for the fact that I can NOW say I have put my flash in my mouth!

Mallory and Chris it was so good to see you guys again- we had an incredible time with you both and hope you had a relaxing and fun honeymoon!

Make sure you check out Mike's shots HERE, he rocked this wedding like I have never seen- it's NUTS!!

(but be patient, he has a new baby!!)



Eric Foley said...

Hey C, Mclovin the shoe shot and the silhouettes of the brides maids.

How does flash taste anyway???

Orchard Cove Photography said...

You guys are too much - I love those cobblestones. It's like the great texture of walls....except on the floor :)

Candace Jeffery Photography said...

I love the shot outside showing the motion. It's great!

Erik Maziarz said...

this has to be my favorite wedding post so far this year - the way you rocked that window; the cobblestone; the quiet moment after the ceremony; the first dance shot - it just oozes Carla Ten Eyck style!

daria said...

Congrats on your awesome placing in the wpja/brides competition!!!

Jaime said...

I'm with Erik. This is my favorite post all year, too.

Rnormfoto said...

not sure why you're suckin' on a flash OR stompin' in MY Trumbull territory... :)

Val McCormick Photography said...

LOVE the shoe and bouquet shot! The silhouettes of the girls in front of the window is AWESOME!!!
I always think I have found a favorite post then you go and top it!

What size was that flash? what? lol.

Robin Dini Photography said...

you HOOKED UP those dress and shoe shots. I'm loving that window and all of your "stolen moments". Really beautiful stuff. ;)

STEVE DePINO said...

"I need more moody ring bearer! I got a fever and the only cure is more moody ring bearer!"

Geoffrey R. Boka said...

oh Carla, I loved the first dance shot. MAN I WISH I COULD TRY TO DO THAT! I get stuck having to do the safe conservative shot since I have to give them the whole dance uncut. EFF! Beautiful stuff. And a great sepia type action on it too. Really great taste Carla!

Geoffrey R. Boka said...

oh Carla, I loved the first dance shot. MAN I WISH I COULD TRY TO DO THAT! I get stuck having to do the safe conservative shot since I have to give them the whole dance uncut. EFF! Beautiful stuff. And a great sepia type action on it too. Really great taste Carla!

Ryel j Photography said...

So cute!! I love the shots at the end!

E. Broderick Photography said...

Oh, that window! Love it. And the shot of them having a moment just after the ceremony. Beauty, beauty.

And of course, the newlyweds-in-France shot (totally!) and the dance shot are killer.