Friday, October 10, 2008

christine + mike wedding at the hilton in hartford ct

This past Saturday Mike and Christine got married at the Church of Incarnation in Wethersfield and then had their reception at the Hilton in Hartford on one of the most beautiful October Saturdays!

Christine and her girls got their hair done at Alta Moda in Rocky Hill- and I got to see a past client of mine, Miss Jamie!! Then the girls moved on to Christine's parents house to get ready...

Check out that honking bottle of Riesling Christine is holding!! These ladies know how to bring it!

Now the ladies did something very different and all put their makeup on outside! It made total sense and created a unique shooting situation for me and Mike which we really enjoyed

I love her expression in this shot- this is supposed to make her makeup stay in place, I think it worked great she looked fantastic until the end of the wedding!

I love how she is holding her arms while her Mom and bridesmaids weave her up in her dress

And I am a sucker for this almost silhouette of her looking back a them...

At my workshop I talked about taking a shot even if you're not certain your meter is set properly- you never know what kind of shot you are going to get- so risk it and take the shot! This was one of those times- I changed my setting super quick (and couldn't confirm my settings by checking) and just shot and I really love how this came out

I am a big fan of the light in this shot- as a good friend pointed out to me once- I tend to favor the light airy shots!

We had so much time before the ceremony I shot some fun details of the bridesmaids, even though I knew I would do this again later- and I am glad I did!

Love the light here too- these ladies were a lot of fun to work with

The bouquets all lined up on the pew just called to me!! (and Mike, he also got a killer shot of this)

In a church ceremony it's always a challenge to really shoot everything you want without being distracting- I never want to take away from the sanctity of the ceremony- but I make sure to photograph the parents watching their children partake in one of life's big rituals

Christine and Mike were so happy to be married!

I love the hand details during group picture time

And I LOVE me some Hartford landmarks!!! The solidier's and sailors memorial aka the arch is one of my favorite places to shoot- it's so beautiful- but dangerous!! Here I was laying in the middle of the street for this shot and it's open to traffic so Mike was on patrol to make sure I didn't get squished!

They held pretty still for me so I could get one with the bridal party and then one without

enter.....HARTFORD CITY HALL!!!! Man I love shooting here! There are just SO many nooks and crannies to shoot, the light, the architecture... I could go on and on!

We're not even in the building yet...

The groomsmen were really fun, and Mike, the groom? Was awesome!

They are just a bunch of goofs- one of which is my good pal Nikki Nicole's main squeeze Rob! He was so much fun to shoot and hang out with!

One of my favorite spots- the light, the details....I'm GUSHING now...!

One of the challenges of shooting in the same place is how to do it differently....

It's funny to hear people's first reactions when I ask them if they have thought about going to city hall for pictures....they're like, really?

And I'm like.... REALLY!

This is a random hallway leading to some offices! But I think it's really cool

And you can never go wrong with the staircase....

Seriously? Christine's Dad brought a bunch of fake mustaches...and of course Mike had fun with it!

My girl Nikki Nicole was a guest at this wedding and we had so much fun in the photo booth!!

ha ha ha!!

Thanks Christine and Mike for a great day- you guys were so great to work with- Mike and I had such a blast!! Hope you are enjoying Hawaii!!

Make sure you check out Mike's shots HERE!



Val McCormick Photography said...

LOVIN' the staircase shot with the bride in the bg. I love the arch too! Awesome, Awesome job as always :-)

Robin Dini Photography said...

fabulous! i love the shot of the bride outside city all. classic portrait but still so freakin' beautiful!

Candice @ Jubilee Events said...

I'm giddy over city hall! So beautiful, Carla.

nikki nicole photography said...

love the staircase shots!!!!!!!

I love to see how everyone sees city hall! so many different ways to photograph it.

by the way the photobooth photos are tooooo funny!

man was that night fun!

laurie said...

ok so where's our photobooth shot?? mmmmm??