Monday, October 20, 2008

erica + paul engagement shoot at home sweet home

Meet Erica and Paul. When I first met them I found out little things here and there about their lives that just had me going NUTS in my brain- all I could think about were the shooting possibilities! I'd nod my head, listen, and then brazenly interrupt them with a kind of a yell thing 'OH MY GOD I WOULD LOVE TO SHOOT THIS!!' was borderline inappropriate and I am sure their nerves were shot by the end of the meeting! But they were pretty excited when they left....

So Mike and I decided to shoot at their house since they had SO many cool spots!! Like this barn roof....???!!! Yeah, you heard me right!! We got them up on the roof!

I love the way the light is hitting their faces

Erica and Paul were such good sports, they were up for ANYTHING that we threw at them

This piggy back series is a favorite- I really am digging the colors and their expressions

Oh and I also really really love the fact that Erica has the same red shoes as me!!

Paul is so sarcastic and witty, he had me and Mike laughing our butts off all during our shoot- love those dimples!!

They discovered something new about each other...that Paul's nose fits PERFECTLY into Erica's eye socket! Hello! Soul mate!

Did I mention there were CHICKENS????

This little hen was such a rockstar, she was SO patient and just chilled out while I shot her- with a 35mm lens, which translates to her being in my GRILL- and I was a nervous WRECK! I felt like she was going to peck my eyes out! She didn't of course but I am a big old city girl scardey cat

Yeah, we had some fun in the HEN HOUSE!! I have an entire post ready to go just of Mike on this shoot- I swear he was out of ORDER! Make sure you check back for it, it's hilarious!
Love that I was able to include Paul's lovingly hand painted sign in the back.... he loves his girls!

I am so jealous of this shot- I would LOVE a shot of me and Dave like this!!! Come ON!! bah-CAW!! (you know you like my blogging chicken noise)

You thought I was done with random? NOT EVEN CLOSE! They have a CHRISTMAS TREE FARM on their property!! This was one of the things I was shouting about at our meeting... :)

Enter... my long lost video light! It really added some nice backlight to them, and I am glad I brought it out, even though Mr. Romano likes to rank on me and how I bring it to every shoot and seldom bust it out...but when I do? It's super fun!

Another video light shot!

A few years back I saw that my friend Jane from Iris Photography would wrap her brides in christmas lights and I LOVED the look of it- I never forgot it and just totally jumped at the chance to wrap Paul & Erica up as well!

I can't wait to go back and get my tree for my studio and see the Christmas tree farm in action!

But I mostly can't wait for your wedding!! Thanks so much for letting Mike and I do what we want and making us laugh the entire time!

Make sure to check out Mr. Mike's shots HERE!!


Mary Marantz said...

OOOH The Girls shot is AMAZING!!! ahhh that needs to be an ad or a gallery wrap or something! Dang! These are rockin' my country girl's cotton socks off!


Robin Dini Photography said...

i looooove these! i say this for every post, but since you features barns, this is for sure my favorite session! come on! you put them on the roof!!! bah-CAW!!

Geoffrey R. Boka said...

video lights are crazy cool! i love the christmas tree shot with the side video light!! beautiful

Eric Foley said...

I love me some chicken! Original recipe of course. Awesome roof shoots C!

Erik Maziarz said...

notice you gave this the "Ridiculousness" label, and yep it definitely belongs! AWE-SOME!

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

The roof..the roof...the roof is on FIRE! Love it.....I can't get over that you got them to get on the roof. Is there anything you can't do? Love them all...way out of the box on this one!

e. broderick photography said...

I am bug-eyed over this post! My favorite ever! And that says a LOT cuz I think that all the time. But this one takes the cake. Love them all! These two win The World's Coolest Couple Award for posing on the roof. I wish I could have just been there to see you in your glory!

Geez--I think I want an album of their pictures!

Victoria said...

Love these Carla! Love the roof shots - and the "ridiculous" video light shots - great job!