Tuesday, October 14, 2008

cari + steve e shoot at sharpe hill vineyard and UCONN

Last Friday Mike and I met up with our 2009 clients Cari and Steve at Sharpe Hill Vineyard in Pomfret CT. Now I had heard about this place as it is a personal favorite of a good, wine-guzzling friend who shall remain nameless ;) but she really didn't let me know how freaking BEAUTIFUL this place is!! WOW- as soon as we pulled up and saw the 'civil war style' fence, as Mike so aptly named it, and then saw the table and chair set ups with my personal favorite, GIANT BOSTON FERNS as the centerpieces...that was IT! Talk about butterflies- I was all over the place- I probably should have had Mike just knock me out for a second so that I could regroup and mentally collect myself! But Cari and Steve were so patient- when we arrived they were enjoying a glass of the Ballet of Angels and relaxing!

The vineyards themselves were so accessible and pretty- and we met up with them at just the right time- the light was at the perfect angle. And maybe it was the wine? I'm just sayin'... these two were so comfortable and cuddly and needed VERY little direction, if any!

Look at these skies! Super blue and pretty! This little 'hill' kicked my butt- to be fair I had my giant backpack with like ALL of my gear (why you ask? not sure!) but at least I didn't wear flip flops!

looooooove this shot of these two, just snuggling

Now the vines that had grapes were all netted off, to keep the birds (and photographers) away from them. But. I saw some on the ground that we could reach, well that Mike and his super long arm of the law could reach anyway! We dubbed these 'movie grapes' because for real! They look like they could be in the movies, right?

In addition to the super pretty landscape and patios....this place had a BIG RED BARN! Yes it did! But I like it black and white. SUE ME!

Mike was rocking a shot so I stepped over and grabbed this shot of Steve

Come ON!! They are such naturals we can't WAIT for their wedding!

Steve was really comfortable when he was all wrapped up in Cari, but I decided to get him out of his comfort zone and look right at the camera! I love how this turned out

I give my people space in the beginning and then I gauge how comfortable they are with me- by the end I am usually WAY up in their grill! I think I was like less than a foot away, standing over them- I shot this with my 50mm- and they went with it! We must have looked pretty funny ;)

And then we were off to u-CONN! hus-KIES! As soon as we walked out of the garage we all kind of looked over at the bleachers and just sighed. SIGH!

Yeah. Love this. I could have shot their whole shoot there! But we had some more stops to make and so we moved on!!

One of the things I love is the challenge that is thrown at me when my couples bring me to a new place that is special to them and I have to come up with something new and fun. This tunnel was a challenge and I welcomed it and really enjoy what I came back with! I'm sure Cari & Steve never saw it like this!!

By the library there was some really pretty light- so of course we had to shoot here!

Again, can I just keep walking by this? No!

Cari & Steve wanted a shot by the Husky dog- Mike took a shot that I would wager is not going to be on his blog... ;)

Our last stop was at their apartment at Prudence Scoobadee Doo Apartment Complex and while we were walking from the car...we saw the moon off in the distance, the color of the sky...the yellow lines... it was pretty! See parking lots can be pretty!

Here are the steps of where they wanted a shot- but as we approached they were like 'it's not really all that pretty' and it wasn't, to be honest. But! We love ourselves a challenge! It's more about BEING there, not necessarily seeing the whole steps and apartment. So Mike rocked this shot from above- what I saw in camera looked awesome-and I took the opposite view

It's just about being there. They know where we are!

Thank you Cari & Steve for such a fun time- you guys are so easy to be around and were WAY too much to photograph! Let's just make sure we have some vino on your wedding day ;)


Make sure to check out Mike's shots HERE!



lovepink said...

CARLA!!! I am so speechless!! (and for me this is impossible!) These are just amazing and you definately captured us completely!


Val McCormick Photography said...

Beautiful Carla! Ok, Yeah I could've shot at the stadium ALL DAY. You KNOW me, lol. The light was gorgeous. I'm curious to see the red barn shot in color or aged :-P I LOVE the vinyard shot with them off to the side. They are all so AWESOME!

Erik Maziarz said...

the vineyard shots are incredible! and i'm loving what you did with all of those leading lines in the stadium. really digging your closeup shots in this set too. so intimate!

Geoffrey R. Boka said...

great stuff Carla! i was gonna get a 50 mm and possibly use it for portraits but i had no idea you had to practically make out with them. rethinking. cute couple too.

Robin Dini Photography said...

these are so scrumptious and awesome. the red barn of course is a favorite of mine ;) Love how you rocked out the texture of the building in your shots, all the snuggleness is gorgeous, but I'm LOVIN' that parking lot shot! I don't know, just screams new perspective to me. that's awesome.

carla ten eyck said...

oh boka! Suck it up! BUY THE 50 1.4!!!

Get your gangly self all up in someone's grill and SHOOT! Well, you don't have to be a space invader like me but it's a beautiful little piece of glass!


Salty Grapes Photography said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, as always. I love the bleachers shot and the street/parking lot shot. Amazing!

Studio Foto said...

Nicey nicey! Romantic setting for a romantic couple...I love the vineyard shots. The ring on the movie grapes is awesome too!

Mary Marantz said...

These are AMAZING!! I am in LOVe with that last one!! Beautiful, beautiful stuff!


Anonymous said...

great as every time - I love the blue sky and the ringshot - and the vineyards!!

Geoffrey R. Boka said...

wow Carla! great stuff! You are a natural at eshoots. its like you were born to do them!