Thursday, October 23, 2008

stephanie + jason engagement shoot in Boston

One of my favorite things about engagement shoots is how incredibly different they can be- even when you go to some of the exact same places as other couples! Stephanie and Jason were so excited to take Mike and I on a walk through Boston for their engagement shoot- and so we met up by the Boston Public Library, one of the most beautiful libraries I have been in! Not to mention that it gave us a nice reprieve form the wind- it was super cold out!

Just going up the stairs into the library presents you with these neat little nooks with windows where we started our shoot... it was a little nerve wracking since Jason is really shy about public snuggling! But Stephanie couldn't be more attentive and cute and did quite a nice job of distracting him from all of the passer bys!

Her expressions in this series were all so different but I really enjoyed them all- they really represent her- she is so smiley and then can just morph into having the most adoring look on her face as she looks at Jason- who is just such a talkative and funny guy- he really made US comfortable by being so easy to talk to!

One of the best tings about the library is the interior courtyard- it's so pretty and it gave us a nice break from not only the wind but the crowds of people, so Jason really opened up and got more comfortable

Really liking the super snuggle- even though the marble was probably icy cold! They were good sports

The look on Stephanie's face during these net two shots just says how much she loves her guy!!

Probably one of my more interesting ring shots, for sure! Jason has several piercings and while we were plotting our course I had the idea of putting her ring in his ear, made me a little squeamish, I'll be honest but he was totally up for it and so was she! She said she loves his piercings because they are a part of him and she loves him so therefor A=C!

Loving breaking the 'rules' of photography- and also loving my use of quotes...How dare I not use the rule of thirds??!! oops I guess I still did by having them in the top third of the frame, but still, it's risky splitting the frame in half with the rail! ;) Huh, Foley?

I am a sucker for the moving train shot. I will do it again and again! And love it every time! Even though it shows every little dust spec on my sensor!

These lights were calling to me, I also liked that it said Beantown on it, even though I cut it off a bit, your brain is smart and can fill in the blanks like Vanna White

I know it's touristy, but I also am a fan of the t shirt stands, talk about telling people where you are, right! Since I am vertically challenged, I asked Stephanie and Jason to kneel for me since I was getting the top of the stand in my frame, they were more than happy to help and I was able to get the composition I needed! So thanks guys!

Ah, the Freedom Trail! Literally, it's the red line that leads you through Boston- we were on it for a bit and I really was digging the colors together

Since we pretty much shoot for a loooooong time it is inevitable that we will need to stop for nourishment! Is beer nourishment? It sure is! We went to BeerWorks, a place that Stephanie and Jason really love and got beer samplers- I had the Victory Red; Pumpkin Head Ale; Blueberry Ale and finished with the Peanut Butter Porter! Yeah, they were awesome!

Then we were off for cannolis in the North End of Boston, one of my favorite places to go! I think we went to Modern? They filled the shells up fresh and OMG they were super dope. Mike got a whoopie pie. Shocker!

So of course now it is dark, but Mike and I aren't worried! So we are actually LOOKING for dark alleys to duck into and shoot...!

Light is everywhere, you just have to look for it!

No flashes were used or harmed in any of these shots, by the way :)

This was in Quincy Market I think? We were looking for a bathroom and then we saw these cool lights and Mike set up a shot and I grabbed this-

Yeah, pretty cool alley way! I saw the smoke up top and then the light and was like HALT!!

On our way to our last T ride even though the light was yucky flourescent and bright and stuff I shot this because I knew I was going to make it black and white.

Mike and I had a great time with you guys, we can't wait for your wedding!!! Make sure you check out Mr. Romano's killer shots HERE!


Erik Maziarz said...

SUPER shoot! Lovin' the moodiness of the low light stuff. The second to last shot in the alley is my fav.

Victoria said...

Yay! I love Boston and you totally rocked this Carla! I love all of them - and especially the first one, the ring shot (so creative) and the one of them walking up the stairs. That is my favorite! great job!

Eric Foley said...

That through the door shot is sweet, and the train shot is nice!

Katie Slater said...

Love the reflection shot in the North End and the steamy alley!! AWESOME! :) These guys are so cute together - you captured them so well!

Anonymous said...

As always - I love your work. Funny ringshot!!

Mary Marantz said...

Awesome!! I LOVE the one of them snuggling on the marble and also the one of the stairs!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Ryel j Photography said...

Third from the top is my favorite!! Stellar job!

E. Broderick Photography said...

Ooh--killer alley shot. The steam and the light and their pose--all perfect. I also love the stairs shot. Very funky.

Val McCormick Photography said...

Okay bringing a smoke machine on esessions is cheating, lol. Just kidding. Those are truly amazing shots and really looks as if you set it up like they do in the movies with months of planning. I know Mike & Eyck are truly creative. Those window in the door shots are awesome! Looks like alot of fun :-)

Robin Dini Photography said...

you are rocking that night photography. I gotta tag along one of these days. I need some lessons!

RIAZ UDDIN said...

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