Sunday, October 12, 2008

ten eyck weekend in truro MA

Just added! Dave emailed me these pictures of me shooting on the beach- I think I'd wager to say I look pretty freakin' HOT!!!! ;) thanks honey!

This weekend, you know the one where I so boldly announced here that I was going to run the Hartford Half Marathon? Yeah, this very weekend (which, incidentally, I did not run... more on that later, I promise!) Dave and I took off for the dunes of the cape, to drink Pina Coladas and read classified ads! (Points for anyone who can tell me what that obscure reference is to)
This was for our nine year anniversary- we like to get away each year to someplace on the shore... in year's past it's always been Newport, or mostly, not always. So this year we decided to do something new, and also because since we were going away during Columbus Day Weekend all of the hotels in Newport were asking for a two night minimum.

And so.... check out our Super Special Ten Eyck Honeymoon Suite!!

We could NOT have gotten a better weekend for camping! The temperatures were perfect for sleeping, and the skies were so blue and deep and beautiful.... Here was the beach at Maiden's Head Beach on the Cape

There were so many footprints and paw prints it was really cool- I loved the texture and the shadows of them all

Here is my honey, minus his noggin

I won't be too complimentary towards him this post- he was laughing at the last one I did for him and said I was 'very idealistic' so I threatened to do a post of the nine things that bug me about him! ;) Just kidding!!!

So you would think that with my obsession with shooting rings I would have shot ours a bajillion times over, right? Not so much! This was the first time I ever shot them! I wasn't sure which one I liked better so I put both up

We actually got married on the beach so the location is perfect!

I am a sucker for neon. We wanted to have a lobster dinner and I secretly wished we went here but the atmosphere was not what we were looking for- we did find the perfect spot and had dirty martinis and a new england clam bake dinner that was to DIE for! We sat outside and people watched- they had heaters and blankets that I wrapped my legs up in while we ate! It was AWESOME! Hands down the best anniversary we have ever had.

Could someone please dress this poor lady?

I loved the color in this shot and the yellow of the flowers... there were so many neat little shops to poke around in and shoot little nooks and crannies on the street

This was right by the parking lot in Provincetown- come ON!!!!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

I am so proud of you guys for taking a weekend away from it all - that tent looks like the Ritz to me! The blue skies were out in full effect this weekend - SO pretty! xoxo

Jacob Bergmeier said...

reference to the PiƱa Colada song.... not going to let you school me twice (points to you if you can remember the last time you had to school me on one of your references)

Robin Dini Photography said...

oooooooh. i love all the colors! you guys rock out the annivesary props. good idea! i like the second ring shot, somehow it's warmer and brighter :)

Val McCormick Photography said...

Wow, what a great get away. Love the flowers and the footprints in the sand. Ring shot #2 please (Claudia would be proud ;-) )


Mary Marantz said...

ahhh yay!! what a fun weekend! I want to wrap up in a blanket and have a clambake! can that be arranged? I love you guys!


E. Broderick Photography said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like an amazing weekend. Isn't it nice to have some time to reconnect?

Oh, and thanks. That song is gonna be stuck in my head for, like, 3 days! ("Do you like making love at midnite? In the duuuunes on the Cape...")

Jaime said...

You look incredibly foxy in those photos!

Erik Maziarz said...

makes me want to go to the Cape. "wicked" cool pictures! :-)

Randy said...

Ok, I'm probably a tad late cuz it's been forever since I checked out your blog. (sounds personal) Everyone knows it as the Pina Colada song..but the real name of the song, "Escape". Rupert Holmes. Yeah, it's my job.
Looking at all these pics, you are still the most amazing photographer I've ever seen. And I'll continue to beg you to shoot me, at the radio station, and at the gym!