Wednesday, October 29, 2008

oh it's not just wednesday, it's pick on mike day

well....not really pick on mike day so much as just post about this one shoot in particular where he was cracking me UP with his shooting craziness....we are always trying to shoot each other while we shoot and get really unflattering pictures of each other, he wins hands down, but it's still fun to see what we do while we shoot!

take this shot for example! We were both SO pumped at the whole chicken element of the shoot that we wanted to incorporate them in any way we could. Check Mike out trying to get her ring with the chicken feet! Way to think outside of the coop! bah-CAW!!!

Now in his own words 'If I weren't scared of heights I would be a firefighter' He is a CHICKEN about heights! Not that I am one to cast stones, although that statement would say otherwise! I am a BIGGER chicken about heights, I just don't hide it like the stoic Mr. Romano does... so it was a thrill to see him conquer his fear for a shot! The roof was only about 8 feet off the ground mind you....I'm just sayin'

He got quite a series of cool ring shots up on the weathervane- but I couldn't resist getting this shot of him putting his back into it!

Now this shot is a prime example of me eating my own words! Visual sweep much? I was like MAN! This shot is AWESOME! And then I looked up. Nuff said.

One of my favorite things about Mike is his creativity. He likes to really push his compositions and angles, I really liked the shot he got from this.

I think he was just tired at this point

Mike is such an animal lover. Even chickens! He wasn't scared of them at all. I was! Right after he got this hen on him he tried to get her to fly at me - I almost peed in my pants! No shot of that though, sorry!

Causing trouble in the hen house

Way to put yourself out there for your work Mr. Romano! Paul and Erica's wedding is our last wedding of the season- I can't wait for it and I know Mike can't either!!


Val McCormick Photography said...

Ha, this post had me crackin' up. I love how you branded his rumpus. LOL.

Orchard Cove Photography said...

These are GREAT - Mike is such a star :)

Candice @ Jubilee Events said...

LOL at the second to last picture.... what an AWESOME expression!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

LOL...lmao...that second to last shot is a riot! how freakin' funny! the one on the roof holding onto the weathervane is hysterical!

Brody Grant: Polarity Photo said...

These shots are great!
What smile makers they are. Nothing like an artist in their element (even if the element itself is dirty or uncomfortable for the moment!!)
Fun post! Hilarious watermark placement that you rock in your personal posts, I always chuckle at some of the creative spots you drop the mark.

Thanks for sharing carla.
Never stop shooting,

E. Broderick Photography said...

Love these! Mike is The Man. Like Brody, I love looking for your logo. Sometimes the placement of that big 'C' just makes me laugh out loud.

laurie said...

ok this about had me peeing in my pants, man I miss you guys...where's my photo booth picture?? i know you guys are ready for a break

Bruce Plotkin said...

You guys are totally nuts! But love you and love your pictures Carla. Next you'll be hangin' off of the Brooklyn Bridge (oops, didn't mean to give you any ideas, think of your kids before you do it).

Anonymous said...

I love these making of shots. They are realy great!!

Erik Maziarz said...


Robert J. Trenske said...

LOVE these shots Carla, they really make me laugh. Your storytelling is so great!

It was great catching up with you (and hanging out) in NYC. I promise I will be posting some of the crazy pics soon, I am so behind!! Anyways, hope you have been well, we have to catch up sometime soon!!