Sunday, October 05, 2008

jamie + steve NYC e shoot + lake waramaug wedding

Our double header Laurie Crutchfield shooting bonanza weekend concluded with the wedding of Jamie & Steve at Lake Waramaug Country Club in New Preston CT! But wait, reverse that.... Mike and I started the weekend before in New York City doing their engagement shoot... See, Jamie and Steve currently live in Moscow, and this was the only time we could do it- we were all game for it, and so there you have it!

We played chicken with the Mr. Softee truck on the street where they used to live- where incidentally I think my other Columbia couple lived, and where Mike and I photographed them on! Yeah, it can be a small world, even in NYC!

Then it was off to Columbia where they met in grad school- I love this overpass kind of bridge place that goes over Amsterdam, I believe...

Steve was a little jet lagged still and so we decided to shoot them in the grassy area of the quad where they spent a lot of time... I think Steve would have fallen asleep if we were quiet enough!

Then we went to the main Columbia quad which is always bustling with people and activity and just hung out in the nice late afternoon light

I love the way they are snuggling here, and that you can see her ring

Flash forward to the next week, and it's wedding time! Jamie had these cute ballet flats- I opted for a new way to shoot my shoes, added some crazy ethereal light and subtle color

The house they rented to get ready in had these cool railings that I liked shooting through- here Jamie does some last minute organizing before getting dressed

You think one photographer around is tough? Try THREE! Jamie kept her cool and totally didn't mind that me, Mike and Laurie were shooting away while she got her makeup on!

Here is Jamie's Dad getting ready for her to come down the stairs

Steve & Jamie opted to do the first look and do their pictures before the ceremony- here they relax on a swing that was a wedding gift

As soon as I saw the swing I knew we had to use it- and I really really LOVE this shot of Jamie standing on it and smooching just feels so timeless to me

So across the street from Steve's parents lake house was this stone wall and these great white fences, and a tree lined walkway. Yeah. NEW ENGLAND ANYONE??

I loved Jamie's dress- it was so HER!

Here is Jamie's Dad right before the ceremony starts

I love shooting the parents during the ceremony- and this little moment just caught my eye

And then I looked at their faces and loved the shared moment each set of parents was having watching their kids get married

My favorite part of shooting is RIGHT AFTER my couples get married- they are all a flutter and emotional and a little crazy and I just run with it! In my details meetings with my clients I tell them that I want them to just go off for a minute and just BE, and that no matter what else is planned for the day, it can wait. This is a moment that can NEVER be recreated and they should savor it.
This is Jamie and Steve running out of the house in excitement

They just ran right to the dock to be alone and enjoy their freshly married moment

During family pictures I snagged this moment of the kids on the swing

I was really digging the bounced flash off the white dance floor- it lit her father's face so nicely and gave the whole image a new feel

And so I made sure I got a shot of Jamie and Steve as well!

Thank you guys so much for sharing your day with us! Best of luck on your travels back to Moscow and your impending move back!!

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Erik Maziarz said...

nice! how sweet is that pigeon in the e-shoot shot?!

Robin Dini Photography said...

man, you rocked that swing action! love the simple setting of this love love....

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Oooh! The swing was a photographic godsend! I love all those shots!