Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ten Eyck Tuesday October Edition

Yesterday was the first official Ten Eyck Tuesday Workshop at my studio in Hartford- and it was a BLAST! Big super props go to my friend and fellow photographer Robin Dini and her husband Frank, aka THE FRANKNESS for being so much fun to work with!

My next all day Ten Eyck Tuesday workshop is scheduled for TUESDAY NOVEMBER 4TH! Send me an email at or call the studio at 860-906-1993 to sign up- class size is limited to only THREE spots

Also- I have some spots open for models so if you are interested, call or email me! This list is booking up FAST so get on it!

We started the day with a review of the basics of what makes a good image- and introduced some more sophisticated image making concepts to get everyone thinking about this before going out and shooting...Robin shot these next two during the class

I limit the class size to only three people so that everyone gets plenty of personal instruction and discussion time- here are the ladies of the day: Val, Eileen and Claudia

OK so i use my hands a lot when I talk...Robin and Mike were dogging me out about this as they were trying to get some decent pictures of me but I just kept flailing around! Here I am demonstrating how to play the bongos

Enter.....the talent! Mr. and Mrs. Dini! While at this location at Riverside Park in Hartford, I was showing them that there is always a place to do some intimate close ups and to create the lighting situations you want despite the bright craziness of high noon- which is exactly when we were shooting!

Here Miss Eileen changes it up by changing her perspective while shooting- she got a really great shot of this, I hope she posts it on her blog! (hint, hint)

See the thing about shooting Robin is, it is all about her GRILL!! This girl just loves to laugh, as do I, so of course we LOVE hanging out and just laughing!

I caught a rare, quiet moment with Robin in between us laughing! I love it!

Now I have been driving under this overpass for YEARS and have always wanted to go up and shoot why not? I knew it would create some really dynamic shooting conditions but also introduce some challenges as well - super bright crazy light with really no was a big hit with the ladies- they got some crazy good shots here!

Check them out working it- we were really seeing what different lenses do for the same situation and it was pretty cool

Who doesn't like a little foreground action?

Eileen is rocking her shot of Robin here

So the longer view of the overpass was pretty cool- but man, turn to the side and WHAT??? This was a cool location to really illustrate how exposing differently for an image can dramatically change the whole feel of each picture

We extended our shooting time by going to this cool tunnel in Hartford where Mike and I shot our clients Jessica and Eric a few months back- here Claudia is working her angle

Enter....THE FRANKNESS! I just LOVED shooting this guy! He was so comfortable in front of the camera, many thanks to Mrs. Dini for breaking him is for our shoot- it certainly helps to have your wife be a professional photographer ;)

Miss Val McCormick aka the new Butterfly QUEEN! :) Shooting it up!

Love this shot of Frank as he was being photographed by the ladies

Meet the cast: Miss Val McCormick

Miss Eileen Broderick- her eyes are just amazing!!

The super sarcastic Claudia of Fabuluxe Photography

Mrs. Robin Dini!

The Frankness! aka Frank Dini!

So after our shoot we went back to my studio and I made a big dinner while everyone downloaded their images and picked their favorites for our critique. This was another one of my goals for myself- to cook more- and I really loved bustling around the kitchen making rice & beans, tortilla soup and corn muffins for the crew! Great shot Robin!

Here my littlest one, Miss Georgie, was Mommy's helper and did such a great job making the corn muffins! It's a family affair at Ten Eyck Tuesdays! Great shot Robin!


laurie said...

how much fun!!!!! yeah carla, I love what you are it girl! you have so much talent to offer and you're a great teacher!

Robin Dini Photography said...

GIRRRRRRRLLLL... you know how to mkae the Dini's look hot!!!! ha ha. we love allllll of them! I'm dyin' over that picture of Ms. Broderick though. Those eyes!!! ahhh!

Candace Jeffery Photography said...

These images are great! Looks like you all had a great time. said...

I can't wait to call Val and call her "Butterfly QUEEN" .. I couldn't stop laughing on our way back about the strap.

Anonymous said...

Great shots - and it seems you had much fun!!! For me the last shot of miss georgie in the kitchen is the best one. She must be lovely.

Val McCormick Photography said...

Man I had the most AWESOMEST TIME. Yes Awesomest is a word! I can't wait to post the images from last night as soon as the kiddos go nighty nite. I will share the ones I chose for critique as well as the some others from the day. Woooo Whooooo. Man Eileen's eyes look Amazing! Her hair does too; I've got to find out hair styling products she's using ;-)

E. Broderick Photography said...

Oh, Val. I just about spit my wine out with your smart-ass comment about my hair product. HIL-AR-IOUS! Carla--what a day. I had the best time. you are my favorite teacher ever. I can't wait to blog mine, too. Thanks for the patient and supportive instruction. I had a great time and appreciate how you push us all to learn and challenge ourselves.

E. Broderick Photography said...

I forgot to mention dinner--YUM! Carla you cook a mean tortilla soup.

Tina Parsadanov said...

Congrats on this venture!! Looks like a TON of fun! You have so much knowledge and it's so nice to see programs like this. These are beautiful pictures and it looks like you got yourself some hot models ;)

Aurora Photography said...

As usual stunning images - I am so jealous I'm really hoping to be able to come in November as a contestant lol... if not December for sure! YOu ladies all look like you had a great time wish I'd been there with you!

Charlie said...

Bongos? Looks more like you're flowing some dope-ass rhymes, old school knowhutimsayin?
I also like the shot of you at the sink. What, that's Georgie? Is she taller than you now? Looks like she's taking after Dave in the height department.

Candice @ Jubilee Events said...

I love people who teach and share! You know you can always call me if you need a model. I'm shy but if there is wine involved, watch out!

Salty Grapes Photography said...

I NEED to take a vacation day from my (non-photography-related) day job and sign up for a C10 Tuesday. You ROCK. The girls ROCKED! And The Dinis are ADORABLE! Love that overpass... you have so much to give and I have so much to learn. =) What an awesome idea!!! =) XOXO Julia

Mary Marantz said...

dude!! you were tearing it UP that day! dang! that first shot on the over pass should be a gallery wrap...that you wear around your neck like bling. It's that good!! ahhhhh