Monday, October 06, 2008

romano family shoot

****OK BIG super cuteness overload disclaimer here!!!! ******

So last week I had the pleasure of shooting my trusty second Mike and his new addition, little Aiden with Kim and Jordan and well, probably THE cutest member of the Romano family, Mike's English Mastiff, Max. Never thought I would actually ever say that, to be honest! I have developed a bit of a giant dog phobia these past few years and well Max is not only big, he's HUGE!

So the idea of shooting near enough to him where my head could easily be gobbled up was more than a little daunting...but in the end? He won me over!

So I had this nice, ethereal, PEACEFUL image in my head of little Aiden all cuddled up on a white blanket just bathed in natural light...looking, well, PEACEFUL.... yeah. Not so much!! But totally cute!

The second image I had in my head was one of all of their hands. This was almost like playing Jenga- put a finger here....oops looks awkward....move open your move this thumb....and I love the final image!

He is TOTALLY SMILING at his big goofball Daddy!!!

I just love this one of Kim just snuggling in all close

It's not that Mike doesn't trust me to get the shot, it's just that he can't help himself...which is totally why we are friends!! In the end he just let me do my thing, which is, again, exactly why we are friends! :)

Another image that was stuck in my brain... giant hands, little guy


Mike is smiling here because Aiden was making the most adorable noise with his pacifier, he sounded like Maggie Simpson

Here Max was getting more involved in the Romano Cuddle Fest

More hands, can't shoot enough hands!!

GIANT MAX....teeny aiden

I love how Mike's freckle coloring coordinates with Aiden's hair

Here Kim gets some cuddle time with her boy

I don't think Max could get any closer if he tried. And he was trying!!

Mike was so relaxed during our shoot Kim and I thought he was asleep....and so we plotted to draw on his face with a sharpie but since we had a wedding the next day I thought better of it....but it sure would have been funny!!

Love this snuggle detail of Mike's boys

I think my next shoot is going to be Mike and Max!!

I had such a fun day hanging out, laughing and shooting... I can't wait for our next session!!


Robin Dini Photography said...

oh my goodness! these are so cute! love the freckles and the red hair! i totally see the likeness. It's tough when they're so little :) said...

How adorable!!! I love them all - I think my favorites are the ones with the dog, especially the one when he is putting his paw up. So cute!

daria said...

i love the bigness and the littleness of all of these.
so adorable.

amanda told me you guys aren't coming to vermont next week, which makes me sad.

Orchard Cove Photography said...

These are so so beautiful - I can't believe how big the baby is already....STOP GROWING UP! xoxo

Rnormfoto said...

so great---and I LOVE the doggie!

Katie Slater said...

I love the 'hands' shot, what a treasure! I am very partial to red hair as well...there is nothing like it. Beautiful family! :)

laurie said...

OMG way too cute! it's amazing how he's changed from the last images I saw of him. It all happens way too quick, enjoy each minute!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely baby with lovely hair. love the ones most with the their dog - I think max is his name.

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

There is some serious cutness ging on here. I love the intimacy in these always...AWESOME!

Erik Maziarz said...

my wife and I really dig these Carla. you might be getting an email from us! ;-)

MIKE said...

Very nice stuff c10, I really like the way these came out. Thanks so much for doing this. : )

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Doggies and babies! Doggies and babies! My heart melts!!!!! =) Aiden is precious. I love that first one. That's a keeper. And all the hands and fingers... man!!! =)