Sunday, April 27, 2008

jennifer + nicole northampton e shoot

Last week Mike and I met up with two of the biggest sweethearts (not to mention funny!!) Jen and Nicole! We started off our engagement shoot at their house with their dogs, which always adds another fun element to a shoot. Sometimes the beginning part of the shoot can be the most challenging, for obvious reasons- what do we expect of each other, how comfortable are they being photographed, how much direction do they need, you know- the usual! :) But these guys were completely at home at their place with their little dogs it made it really easy for Mike and I to just sit back and shoot, throw in a couple jokes here and there, laugh, shoot some more...

Mike has been really digging the shadow shots + foot shot variation. As Borat would say 'Great success!'

On our way up to Northampton....

We got to go to the Log Cabin in Holyoke and enjoy the beautiful view

Mike rocking a shot

This is what he was shooting

My variation of the same shot

Jen always has a quick comeback and an even quicker laugh!

Before we even got to Jen & Nicole's I told Mike that I have always wanted to shoot in a Magnolia tree and that I had noticed that they were in prime bloom- so if we saw one on the way to please remind me. Well. While almost in Northampton I saw one in the most beautiful light and slammed my fist into their door as hard as I could I was so excited!! No one in the car was fazed, certainly not Mike! Nicole politely asked me to 'use my words' and about all I could stammer out was 'magnolia tree!!' And so we had fun trying all kinds of new stuff here.

Mike started off with what is becoming his and my favorite variation of a 'mike romano shot' - I love it and how differently it works for each shoot where he or I frame it up like this- it's always a bit different but clearly a Mike Romano shot!

Jen & Nicole were so kind to climb up the tree (on their request)

I am really digging kind of hiding my rings within the shot lately. It was even more fun having TWO engagement rings to play with!

This is the shot I had in my head for like, EVER- two people kissing in the magnolia blooms...! Little did I know that the best post production treatment for this image would be high contrast SEPIA??!!! But really. Color actually detracted from this picture, the grass was way too green in the back and just made you not see all of the little nuances of this that make me love it!!

Me going under the tree and shooting out was a fun way to grab some shade and try a new take on a feet and hand shot

Mike was really working some new angles I think it's a nice way to include the blooms and the nice blue of the sky

We stopped off at Spoleto, an incredible restaurant! I highly recommend their linguini and white clam sauce

I can guarantee you do NOT want to know what Mike is showing Nicole! Those two got along great and it soon because 'their side of the table' VS 'our side of the table'

Jen & Nicole- Mike and I had such a great time with you guys and can't WAIT for your wedding!!

**on a kind of unrelated note... check out the new logo I made just for Mike- this way you can see how each of us interpreted the shoot, which in my opinion is becoming harder and harder to tell who is shooting WHAT!! Yes we are even fighting over it bc sometimes during a shoot we will actually switch cameras because he will have a lens on that I want (and obviously I need to shoot something quick otherwise I would obviously change lenses) and since we have the same gear and all, it makes it super easy to do and kind of fun- I try to change all of his settings on him and not tell him. Just for fun.


Jennifer said...

OH MY GAWD! Those pictures are AWESOME! (You should read the word "awesome" in a high pitch singing voice). We just wanted to tell you both again how much fun we had and the pictures rock! I especially like the pictures in the MAGNOLIA TREEEEEEE...! I think I just cracked my monitor screen. We are psyched for what you guys will do with the wedding photos! And, by the way, we love the new logo.

Jacob Bergmeier said...

Great job Carla! love the silhouette of them...

Robin Dini Photography said...

amazing!!!! workin' those trees and blossoms baby!! that candid of you is great.

nikki nicole photography said...

love the shot in the magnolia tree. (your fav one) i also love the very first shot on this post.

love mikes logo... great idea!

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

These rock Carla. I can't really pick a favorite, but the ring shot is super sweet and I like the one of them kissing with you underneath!

Robert J. Trenske said...

Carla Carla Carla, there is no way I am going to be able to pick a favorite out of all of these beautiful shots. I really like the shadow and silhouette ones. The ring in the flowers is also especially beautiful. I have to agree with Danielle that the kissing one where you are looking up at them is nice. I love how you consider both your foreground and as well as background.

David Burke said...

Great Job as usual Carla! I love when you throw in captures of YOU too! You have the BEST expressions. Miss ya!


PS - I am opening a studio too :-) Yippee!

Carla Ten Eyck said...

that shot you are all referring to was shot by my fabulous second shooter Mike!! He is really rocking the creative angles!!

laurie said...

i think my favorite is the shadow, I have yet to get an interesting fun shadow shot...that is on my next to do list!!