Thursday, November 09, 2006

it's all in the details

One of the things I love most about my weddings is seeing all of the well thought out and carefully crafted details. My assistant Dominique and I really get excited to check them out and ohh and ahh over them- some of them are truly amazing.

One bride put her picture (and her husbands) on a bunch of Jones Soda bottles and had really cool flavors like bubble gum for her guests to drink before the ceremony. They were really colorful and looked great! Since she and Dave met on J Date she made her throwing bouquet out of current J Date profiles!

Another client had the best idea for table numbers- they had each table number correspond with a picture of them at the age of the table- so their table 8 had a picture of the groom when he was 8! It was so well done and it was great to see the guests look at each table.

They also did a crossword puzzle on their first date so they made up a crossword puzzle about how they met and other neat facts about them for the guests to fill out- they even had a prize for the first person to complete it correctly! Their cake was also really different- it had lyrics frosted all over the cake, or maybe it was a poem, I need to ask them. The roses on top were made entirely of frosting and looked stunning.
OK, and finally, their flowers were out of this world- I have seen many a red bouquet but wow, this one had neat things in it like berries and dark red dalias and another really petaly flower that I have to find out what it is...There are so many things you can do to personalize your wedding that don't have to cost you a fortune but will really set you apart!

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rosasharona said...

Hey Carla!
It's Sharon (of the Jaffins)! :D To answer your question about the quote on the cake: Mike and I were thinking for MONTHS about what to put on the cake (inside jokes? quotes from a book? something from the torah/bible? something we make up?). Then we resorted to Google to find a good quote for us (gotta love GOogle) We have no idea who wrote it since it was labelled as "annonymous".
And if you want to know about the flowers, our florist was Honey from Lotus Designs (

Hope you're doin well and congrats on the new home!