Monday, November 13, 2006

pre-bridal portrait shoot

Yesterday I shot with two colleagues, Robin Dini and Matthew Wagner, who are also wedding photographers. Matthew had been in contact with a bride who was interested in participating in a shoot with us and was willing to wear her dress (her wedding is not until 2008) so we found a 'groom' named Bryan, who has the best eyelashes!

They were both so fun to work with, not to mention our make up artist Natasha (860-985-1124) who works at Mac who did wonderful work! The most challenging part of our shoot was that we were forced to work in the studio as it was POURING outside and utilize our studio lighting. I am such a fan of natural lighting but was excited for the challenge of coming up with each lighting scenario-

Matt pointed out that is the major difference he saw- with natural lighting you can already see it and work your subject into it whereas with studio light you have to have a vision,
mostly. All in all I have to say we had a lot of fun, listened to some great music and ate some tasty Trader Joe's snacks.

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Maureen said...

great pictures! i wanna have you take pictures of me and my husband someday! any chance you'll be here, at the bay area? ;)

ps. and i miss you!