Sunday, September 30, 2007

it's my turn

Last Thursday I had the interesting pleasure of being on the other side of the camera for a photographer I had not met before. Lanny Nagler is doing a pretty cool project with the Hartford Public Library where he asks his subjects to bring in their favorite book, have their portrait taken, and then go to a separate room and be taped reading their favorite passage. I was thrilled to be involved, not because I love having my picture taken but because I love meeting other photographers and seeing how they work, for one but also because the project itself sounds so cool. The finished project (I think to be completed in December) is to have the images (from about 30 people's portraits) displayed on LCD's with headphones where you can listen to each person reading their passage. Cool, huh? So I chose my most favorite book of all time, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. One thing I love about having kids and reading to them often is being able to revisit many of my favorite books from when I was a kid. I love to read and try to as often as I can but there is some instant gratification involved with reading an entire book in one sitting!
So I go in, do my shoot, laugh, pose, feel silly- the usual. Then I go to the recording room to be interviewed and read my passage. So I'm not entirely sure which part is my favorite, because honestly it's a short book and I haven't prepped before coming. So I proceed to read from the top. Now in the interview they asked me why I chose this book in particular- and I say the usual, that I love the whole idea of the story, it's melancholy and a bit sad but really illustrates the idea of selfless love. And I had asked my friend Susannah to read this book at my Mom's memorial because it embodied my Mom and how she was as a parent. Constantly giving. So that was my last association with the book, as I haven't read it since. It was just too hard. So why would I think it was smart to go and read it not only to two strangers but be TAPED while doing it?? The answer is- I made it to the VERY LAST LINE! Almost, I couldn't actually read the last line because I totally lost it and was a bawling mess. The poor women recording me were crying with me, I hadn't even noticed as I was so engrossed with reading the book. Anyway. I'll let you all know when the show is up. I am NOT crying in the picture, so it should be good! It better be, Lanny!! ;)
What book would you have picked?


Jacklyn Greenberg said...

I have so many tears in my eyes, I can hardly type. I love that book. What an awesome post to read after I've had an intense weekend. Thanks Carla, just for being you.

Carter said...

What a neat experience. That's one of my favorite books, too. I can't wait to hear you read it.

Carter said...

This is actually Jaime. I didn't realize Carter was signed onto this account. Woops!

Krystal said...

Wow Carla.....that is so incrediblibly sad and yet, somehow happy at the same time..... you say how your mom was so selfless and giving. Well she really raised you right, because this is exactly how I feel about you, girl.... I can't wait to see the finished project, so keep us posted.

Davina said...

Ummm...I can't read that book or the Velveteen Rabbit with out completely losing it. You are so cool Carla...and I said so on Justin and Mary's blog.

Susannah said...

Rock on with your bad self.
Come on... who's cuter than you?
Pretty much nobody.