Sunday, September 30, 2007

it's my turn

Last Thursday I had the interesting pleasure of being on the other side of the camera for a photographer I had not met before. Lanny Nagler is doing a pretty cool project with the Hartford Public Library where he asks his subjects to bring in their favorite book, have their portrait taken, and then go to a separate room and be taped reading their favorite passage. I was thrilled to be involved, not because I love having my picture taken but because I love meeting other photographers and seeing how they work, for one but also because the project itself sounds so cool. The finished project (I think to be completed in December) is to have the images (from about 30 people's portraits) displayed on LCD's with headphones where you can listen to each person reading their passage. Cool, huh? So I chose my most favorite book of all time, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. One thing I love about having kids and reading to them often is being able to revisit many of my favorite books from when I was a kid. I love to read and try to as often as I can but there is some instant gratification involved with reading an entire book in one sitting!
So I go in, do my shoot, laugh, pose, feel silly- the usual. Then I go to the recording room to be interviewed and read my passage. So I'm not entirely sure which part is my favorite, because honestly it's a short book and I haven't prepped before coming. So I proceed to read from the top. Now in the interview they asked me why I chose this book in particular- and I say the usual, that I love the whole idea of the story, it's melancholy and a bit sad but really illustrates the idea of selfless love. And I had asked my friend Susannah to read this book at my Mom's memorial because it embodied my Mom and how she was as a parent. Constantly giving. So that was my last association with the book, as I haven't read it since. It was just too hard. So why would I think it was smart to go and read it not only to two strangers but be TAPED while doing it?? The answer is- I made it to the VERY LAST LINE! Almost, I couldn't actually read the last line because I totally lost it and was a bawling mess. The poor women recording me were crying with me, I hadn't even noticed as I was so engrossed with reading the book. Anyway. I'll let you all know when the show is up. I am NOT crying in the picture, so it should be good! It better be, Lanny!! ;)
What book would you have picked?

pug love

So our last pug meeting was hosted by RE, and he spoke about how to keep yourself organized as a photographer. But we all had some tricks up our sleeves as his meeting section wound down: a surprise wedding for Justin & Mary!
Amy Ross Jacob had the idea to coordinate this and even took the time to write hilarious vows written in 'superman speak' and with all kinds of personal hilariousness thrown in! Everyone pitched in to help pull this surprise off, none of it could have been done without everyone's help! And Robert Norman.... well, let's just leave that for the video! There were all kinds of bridesmaids and groomsmaids and best men and hilarity- and of course, we had to have a 'bridal shower' photo booth set up to cap the night off! There were some first time PUG attendees who stayed and had a crash course in how we do things- we learn hard , and we play harder! This is how we do it in Connecticut! Congratulations Justin & Mary on your upcoming wedding!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

melanie + carlos wedding at avon old farms inn

Melanie & Carlos were married at the beautiful St. Thomas in West Hartford on a gorgeous sunny day in early September. We had had the coldest windiest day for our engagement shoot in downtown Hartford back in the fall of 2006 so this weather was certainly a welcome change! Before their reception at Avon Old Farms they wanted to go somewhere downtown for more of an urban feel for their pictures- so we had fun walking around downtown, finding spots that could fit us all, we were a big group of well dressed ladies and men! Their bridal party were all wonderful sports and went with any suggestion I threw at them, hamming it up and having fun! We had a great time and I think we got some great stuff out of our adventure. Congratulations Melanie & Carlos!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

paul + christine wedding at saybrook point inn

So Christine and Paul are two of the funniest people- I really enjoy being around them! Add to that the fact that they are super hot, throw a camera in my hand and what happens? Magic! These two are so in love and have such a good time together- it makes my job way too easy! Unless you count how hard I work at not laughing and joking with them every second- WAIT- I am here to take your pictures,get back to work! I pretty much had to keep telling myself this all day. I had the pleasure of having Miss Heather Colt along as my second shooter at the Saybrook Point Inn, and she just fit right in and had a blast! 308! :)
On a few side notes- Justin Timberlake gave the toast; Regina the super bridesmaid should become a professional bridesmaid she rocked so hard! I have especially fond memories of the stream of consciousness coming out of her mouth while she was buttoning up Christine's dress, it was priceless and hard work! I got to see Danielle & Ian, a bride & groom from a wedding I second shot with back in June. Love the new haircut! They are such a cute couple! I also made a new photo friend, Miss Dana from Guilford who I hope is really and truly coming to our PUG meeting tomorrow night! It should be a blast as always!
Thanks Christine & Paul for being willing to do just about anything and trusting my vision!

Monday, September 24, 2007

OK, Great

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Jeff Reilly, of Face First Films, finish shooting a short he wrote called 'OK, Great' he has been working on for a while. I have to say, watching someone in their element is so much fun. Jeff surrounds himself with talent- from Bob 2.0, to Adrian Correia to the actors- everyone played their part and then some. Everyone was exhausted (I think Jeff said he had a total of 6 hours of sleep in the past 3 days) but still so amped up for their shoot- things got done, and done well. One of the hats Jeff was wearing was that of director. Now, I pride myself on my ability to direct my clients- getting what I need during a shoot and not making them feel like they are out there alone, unsure of what to do, all while making it feel natural and fun. Jeff is at a whole other level. He is so calm, and even- making script changes, lighting adjustments, no big deal. He made his actors feel comfortable, and competent- if they weren't feeling a line, well, they tweaked it so that it flowed better. He also really kept the momentum of the shoot going when it needed that the most. Last take, a bunch of run-throughs, he kept it live and got what he needed. Thanks guys for letting me observe such an incredible day, I hope to do it again soon! Get writing, Jeff!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

lisa + tom wedding at the goodwin hotel in hartford

Meet Lisa & Tom, of Newport engagement shoot fame,two of the sweetest and most welcoming people in the world! From the second I met them I knew we would be working together- our personalities just clicked and they totally got me and my vision. From step one, they would both just say 'I trust you' and go with what I suggested and just felt they could be themselves in front of me and my camera. What a nice, empowering feeling for us all! On their wedding day from the second we walked into The Goodwin Hotel in HartfordLisa was so attentive and kind. Her family took to us all, and I had a few team members with me, my right hand lady Jean second shooting and Jay Fleming, of Fleming Portrait Design shooting as well. We worked like a well oiled machine together, it was so much fun! Lisa's florist (Lisa email me with her info I lost her card! :( ) was SO awesome, I love her centerpieces, they had actual entire apples in them! She clearly loves her job and was so excited when she came in to show her work- it is gorgeous! Jay grabbed this shot of me lying on the streets of Hartford getting Lisa & Tom with City Place I in the back ground- this is where they got engaged! (I also used to work on the tippity top floor at a law firm back in the day )My gal Jean went ahead with the guys to the arch and came upon a man with some ginormous snakes. Because that happens all of the time! She had the grooms men hang out with them and got this killer shot!

the Photo Booth, carla ten eyck style

Many of you have either noticed that I offer a photo booth in my packages or have been in or at a wedding that I have set mine up at. I get a ton of emails asking me to further explain what it means. Rather then explain it I created a slide show from my new pals Lisa & Tom's wedding. The photo booth was such a HIT at their wedding (as it tends to be at most!) that they had a constant line of people the entire night! See if you can spot some carla ten eyck people in the mix! Though I have to just put a big c10ike shout out to Jay Fleming of Jay Fleming Portrait Design in Trumbull for second shooting, or guest starring, I should say, with my team. It was one of THE hottest days ever in the world of hot days and Jay and Jean and I just sweated it out and had a blast! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

amazing LA video

My good buddy RE put together a BANG UP video showcasing our ver work-related and business like trip to LA. Check it out here!
Thanks for documenting a fabulous time RE, you rock!

Monday, September 17, 2007

wichita shout out!

So one of my best friends from my glory days at RIT, Miss Jaime Oppenheimer has started a blog! She is one of the most talented people I know- for one she is a rockin' photojournalist (who does a few weddings here and there and ROCKS at them) for the Wichita Eagle; an amazing cook, writer, a singer, drummer, strummer and to wrap up that rhyme- a runner. She is such an inspiration to me and a dear, wonderful friend. We have been through some hard crazy times these past few years but she has always managed to make me laugh my butt off all the while! Yes, that is in fact me eating a beef teriyaki stick a while back! Jaime and I went through a phase of video chatting and eating lunch! It was fabulous, I highly recommend it. I also recommend the beef teriyaki as well!
Check her blog out here!

michelle + omar wedding in old saybrook ct

Michelle & Omar had the most beautiful weather in the universe for their wedding at a private residence in Old Saybrook- can those blue skies get any bluer? Seriously. They have the cutest kids with personality to spare and are joyfully expecting their latest addition this winter! Their wedding was filled with family and friends, all participating in some way- a friend did their beautiful flowers, another one did the cake (it was SOOO delicious!) Michelle's father, Mayor Mike, of Mayor Mike's Restaurant fame, (oh yeah and Hartford's former mayor of 8 years!!) was the officiant and as usual made us all laugh! Omar & Uncle Bob had the best rendition of a salsa dance- and the kids added to the personality of everything by dancing in their bathing suits to the YMCA. Right? Totally cute. To top things off it was Michelle's daughter's birthday so there were not one but two cakes! The only thing better than two cakes would be three! Congratulations Michelle & Omar!