Sunday, June 24, 2007

dear I was not a very bright girl!

Ahhh, so the big, demystifying story behind the story is here! Well, Friday I had thought I lost a memory card from one of the most exciting and fun shoots I have ever done. I know, right? So not cool. The day was packed with so much action and coordinating on my part- to wrap it up there was even running in the muddy wet grass with a model actually chasing rainbows and lens flare! That's right. The kicker is I have such a controlled way of handling spent cards, I don't even want them on my person in the event that I rewrite over them, which I will never do anyway because I do NOT format cards at a shoot, ever. I even have these color coordinated pouches for (green) means go in my world, it's free, it's useable, shoot em up; yellow- caution- shot on, no touchie for you, but still has to be backed up and red, stop- talk to the hand, shot on, backed up, step away from the vehicle, the end, fin. Ah, but the best laid plans, you know how it goes. So in my flurry of physical activity I had filled a card, put it in my back pocket and jammed another card in my camera to keep shooting. Later I thought I had misplaced the card when I had actually already backed it up and the real funny-ish part here is that I had already viewed the images in bed on my p-2000! I thought that I just had either a dream or a super memory of what I had caught in camera! So when everyone was here, helping- Krystal asked what the images looked like in case they found them on a card. So I pulled up one image, looked at it, started bawling because it wasn't even the best image and it still was really pretty! When lo and behold I started scrolling thru a little deeper than I had before and discovered that the images were on my p-2000 the entire time! So then we all got a good laugh, I cried from relief, called .com to tell him he did not in fact have to rip apart his car and gear looking for my stupid card- we decided to celebrate with some yummy margaritas!
But the best part- the next day Jean, my kick butt assistant told me that after she got off the phone with me she rounded her husband and two kids up and scoured the park for my card! How thoughtful are they?? People really come through for you in a bind, I SO have been feeling that lately!
Thanks to everyone who posted their support here, it really means a lot!


face first films said...

Whoa I would've had a heart attack. I've had some similiar problems with "lost" tapes, but not to that extent. what's a p-2000? oh and "dear diary" is one of my favorite jokes- we gotta hang. i rocked plaid shorts to wedding yesterday

carla ten eyck said...

a p-2000 is an external hard drive viewer thing that I back all my cards to while at a wedding. They rock! Those same red shorts? Or do you have a variety of plaid shorts, my friend? DO TELL!! If so the let's just make a play date now! BYOSM (bring your own skull mug)

Teresa Wagner said...

your are so like me, in some ways, that why i like you so much. Glad things ended well. You are a good person and people love being in your company. Can't wait to see all the pics from the shoot with Sandra.

carla ten eyck said...

I hope I am like you in only the best of ways, Teresa! ;) I could never laugh like you, however hard I try!!

Orchard Cove Photography (Amanda Harris) said...

You kick butt - of course we would always drop everything and come help however we can :)