Friday, November 23, 2007

'the amazing race' part 1 of many

Steve and I looking svelte before the race

This is what I drove down in, super beautiful!

Guilford in the fog

Steve likes his calves

I love this light!

Steve and his Mom

Bob 2.0 representing North Branford

You know it's Mary by the Starbucks cup

Yes, Steve is totally getting passed by a child

I can look peppy, even though I am totally faking it

Taking pictures was a nice distraction

I took this sign literally. I am not a law breaker

Towards the end of the race, I really just want some hot cocoa and a foot rub.

More nice light

I couldn't seem to stop shooting, although technically I think Steve took this one. I art directed

Almost done!

Race results posted- Justin said, and I quote ' Wow! I can't believe there were 346 people that finished before you guys!'

Who said running any kind of race was a good way to start Thanksgiving? Someone smart, I think... What a day yesterday was! Steve and I ran that Branford 5K like we were being chased by wild dogs! Well, sort of. I am a steady and slow runner (mostly slow), Steve, is way more in shape and ready to just charge ahead. Lucky for him I held him back so that he wouldn't be that guy puking at the end. That is a direct quote from him! It was a lot of fun but really hard for me- there were some slight long inclines aka HILLS, which Steve is in total denial about but man they kicked my ass. The whole time we were kind of stuck running behind a guy who was easily in his 80's with a shirt that said 'this meat don't loaf!' It was a new form of torture for me as I had to keep up with my own goal of just finishing and not really caring who passed me but secretly loving it when I did pass others. OK so what if they were walkers, I still passed them! This guy was neck and neck with me and Steve, well OK me, and every time we would pass him Steve would say 'can you hear that?' Because all I could hear was this guys feet slapping the pavement behind me, ready to pass me. Believe me, it was way more thrilling of a race when you were there! But it totally threw me and I couldn't focus because I was being stalked by Meat Loaf Man! At the half way point I was so tired and kind of wondering why I decided to do this so soon! And there was such a sight for sore eyes there!! Mary & Justin were there with their pom-poms and noise makers and 70-200 VR cheering their hearts out! I almost cried but had to hold it together. So I gave Steve my camera (hell YES I was taking pictures while running a race!) because I forgot to free up the card and had run out of memory. So I distracted Steve for a bit and then we were at the last turn of the race, ahead of 'this meat don't loaf' mind you and there was Mrs DePino and Tara, Steve's sister and her husband cheering us on! And of course Steve knew the guy announcing the finishers (I think he is a DJ for WPLR) and he is like 'STEVE DEPINO! Is crossing the finish line!!' Nice way for us to finish! I admit I tried to take Steve in the last straight away but I think I started too soon and he caught on and totally beat me!! Next time DePino, next time!

The moral of the story is that if you put your mind to something, you can do it. And having the love and support of your friends and family is the way to do it! I had so much more fun having people there to support me and Steve to run side by side, and sometimes backwards with me than I would have had alone. Thank you to everyone who lent moral support and to everyone who donated to The Portrait House, I will post my total soon! And you can bet I will beat Steve at THAT!! ;)


Jaime said...

You just might be the first runner to shoot pictures during a race. You. Go. Girl. As my friend Dora likes to say, "You did it!"

Orchard Cove Photography said...

You rock FOO - wish I could have been in CT to see you- check will be in the mail once I get home! xoxo

STEVE DePINO said...

You rocked it yesterday!!!
We will the most in shape photographers around.

face first films said...

Congratulations! I'm a little upset there isn't a picture of steve throwing up on the finish line but I suppose theres always next year. by the way, how does one go about getting a C 10 ike t-shirt?`

Shyla said...

Carla... I am so proud of you! Not many people can say they ran a marathon on Thanksgiving ( most eat a marathon) haha.

And way to represent like a true photographer and take pictures while you are running.... HAHAHA!

rock on missy!

Robin Dini Photography said...

great jorb! (

i give you huge props for running the morning of Thanksgiving. That's awesome!

nikki nicole photography said...

ha you took your camera! if you call me out i wll run with you guys...i use to do the manchester road race on turkey day!

Randy said...

You must be prepping yourself for next years Police concert! Lot's o leg work needed indeed. I figure I'll make it to my car by Christmas. Congrats on the race!

Carla Ten Eyck said...

I am giving C 10 ike shirts to everyone who donated, actually! Yes, that's right! If you would like one, donate to the next race on December 9th! Just shoot me an email with your donation amount per mile and shirt size.

NIKKI NICOLE I AM CALLING YOU OUT!! Run the December 9th 5K with me!!!

Davina said...

That is so awesome, Carla! I ran a race a year and half ago and I was DEFINTELY not taking pictures! I was lucky to cross the finish line. I did feel great to finish, though. And you did great just committing and sticking to it. How fun!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the race! I always thought running a race was pretty tough, but I think running a race while carrying a gi-normous camera and shooting pictures definitely makes "just running" look pretty easy --- you just raised the bar - you go girl!

Random Blog said...

I see we ran the same race - I am a photog/illustrator from Madison - and a fan of both you and Steve - Keep up the running - I started 3 years ago and 35 lbs heavier ago -I highly recommend joing a running group - come and run with us anytime.....
We spend a lot of time in the trails and we have ALL levels of running abilities.... and we laugh A LOT!! Here is my latest project - it is a running calendar with healthy raw food recipies - its a comedy - I'll be at Chritopher Martins in New Haven with calendars - the group will be running - I'd love to network a little. Cathi

Carla Ten Eyck said...

You can actually see the 'gin-normous' camera I was hauling around, it is a point and shoot, nothing cumbersome at all! Believe me, if I can shoot I will- I even shot during my first labor! OK for like ONE frame but still! ;)