Saturday, November 17, 2007

portrait house

So Steve beat me to the punch and posted about sponsoring his portion of the run with all proceeds going towards The Portrait House. You can read all about it HERE. Our great friends Mary & Justin Marantz started this organization and Steve and I are both board members and are actively trying to raise money to build a house in New Haven once we reach our goal! If any one is interested in sponsoring me per mile or kilometer, that would be wonderful! Please email me if you are interested in donating!

I couldn't run this afternoon, my legs were way too sore! But I am up for a run for tomorrow, my goal being a 35 minute run. I learned while training with my friend Renee that it is not about how far you run but for how long. It's a hard concept to embrace but once I became a 'runner' I started to get it. Just saying I ran for an hour was wonderful- it didn't matter that it was a 5 mile run, but that I ran for an entire HOUR. I still can't believe I did that, and only once. I was running with my sister Tere. We were just chatting the whole time and going all around my neighborhood and Elizabeth Park and just lost track of how far we went- just a 'can you go another block?' 'Sure!' It was killer, and yes I burst into tears when she said that we had gone an hour. It just had seemed like such an insurmountable goal when I first started- I mean- I couldn't even make it to the end of my block when I first started running! Now I run, listen to music and kind of space out a bit only to snap out of it and realize, wow, I am all the way over HERE? Then if I'm tired I'm bummed that I now hove to get my lazy butt all the way back home!

That being said I am really excited about the 5K, am greatful that I am not doing it alone and thankful that there may in fact be at least one person there to cheer us on! Bob 2.0 in the HOUSE!!


Jacob Bergmeier said...

Although my age showed in my lack of script knowledge from videos that precede my cognizant childhood (16 Candles came out when I was 4), I do know it is grateful, not greatful.

"Your appreciation may be great, but you express gratitude by being grateful."

Good luck in the race...Try this, it might help in your training.

STEVE DePINO said...

Sweet 2.0 is going to be there!!! maybe he can grab some footage of me puking at the finish line :)

face first films said...

hahahaha! that would be nice for the blog, huh?

Carla Ten Eyck said...

HIS blog, maybe! Super yuck! OK I am not going to say I won't be puking as well....!

nikki nicole photography said...

ohh i will cheer for you all the way in england!! good luck!!

Jaime said...

I doubt there will be puking involved (unless of course you are hung over from the night before). You'll do great and I'm oh so proud of you.

Mary Bess said...

you guys are the BEST!!! thank you so much for doing this!!! J & I will totally be there with water cups and pom poms!!! put us down for $10 per k!!!