Friday, November 02, 2007

larissa + garret

Last week brought a beautiful fall afternoon spent at Chamard vineyards in Clinton- and this is my JOB!! I am so lucky! The woman at Chamard was so nice and accomodating, thanks to the amazing Jay Fleming for the recommendation. I had heard that other vineyards are not always nice about letting you shoot, so being able to work at a vineyard as beautiful as Chamard was a treat.
Larissa and Garret are two of the cutest people ever, they instantly became comfortable in front of me and my camera, and just laughed the whole time. We had easy conversation and even saw a partial rainbow. Larissa apparently has a knack for spotting them, a talent of which I am super envious of! Who doesn't like spotting a rainbow? We started off our shoot with an actual tasting, which I had only done once before, like 14 years ago. So this was fun. A few of the wines they were selling had been harvested during Hurricane Floyd in '99, which was RIGHT before my very own 'special day,' my wedding! Of course I bought a couple bottles for me and Dave to enjoy and reflect fondly on our almost crazy wedding. We had our rehersal on the beach (since this is where we were getting married) and the waves were SO loud and the wind was just howling so badly that we couldn't even hear anyone! Good thing it passed and we had a beautiful 70 degree day with no humidity, vast blue skies and tons of butterflies. We had no back up plan! I digress... Larissa and Garret, thanks for a wonderful afternoon and thanks for leading me down memory lane!


Jacob Bergmeier said...

I love your creativity...the ring/bottle picture was inspiring.

face first films said...

whoa carla. that was some serious shit! I can't even pick a favorite because they are all beautiful!

have you drank the bottles yet?

Carla Ten Eyck said...

thanks gentlemen!

um, not yet jeff- I will savor every drop. That, or chug them in like 5 minutes!
Maybe tomorrow night to cap off my 4 straight days of power shoots- one e-shoot, 2 weddings and another e-shoot to balance it like a book end!

face first films said...

there you go!

Eric Foley said...

Beautiful work Carla, I love vineyards in the fall.