Monday, February 18, 2008

my hot friend sarah

One of my oldest friends, Sarah, was visiting this past holiday season and put on a fire throwing show at her parent's house right after a beautiful snow fall... Of course I had to shoot it and I am so glad that I did- this was so cool! While fire throwing she had music playing which only added to the whole effect.

She looks so graceful and beautiful while performing, it almost makes you forget that you could get hurt while doing it! After her house party the next night I had Mike and Jean meet me to photograph Sarah throwing fire in an undisclosed location- it was so much fun. We only had two takes at about 3 minutes each to shoot- I was using both cameras and was so engrossed in shooting I didn't realize that at one point both cameras were completely immersed in the snow! Am I glad they are weather proof! So any foggy hazy effect you see is from snow on my lens, not any photoshop trickery! Just pure photographer stupidity! ;)

Thanks Sarah for being such a sport about wearing only a tank top in the freezing weather, risking getting arrested for trespassing (ha ha) and humoring a gaggle of photo dorks!


Robin Dini Photography said...

WOOOOOOW! those came out really awesome! good choice in song. hey, you going to Colon on Wednesday?

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Hey thanks! :)

Yes I am going on Wednesday- sounds like there is going to be a big group of us there!