Tuesday, February 05, 2008

one proud mama

OK I know, I know what's UP with the three blog posts in ONE day? Well, I just have stuff to share and can't hold it in! So sue me!

Now, this is a super special post as it is about my two awesome photographers Jean and Mike. I think I had mentioned a while back that we were starting some informal training in the off season to keep us all sharp and our minds fresh. Well the first such 'assignment' was how to enter for a juried photography show. Jean found one that was sponsored by the West Hartford Art League with workable requirements and deadlines. The subject matter was wide open- you had to submit a portfolio of at least 3 images, framed. That proved to be a challenge in and of itself, sorry for breaking the bank on that one guys!
Jean had mentioned that last year only 68 of over 300 pieces submitted were accepted to the show.
Well Jean & Mike both submitted their stuff this past weekend and both found out today that they got stuff in!!

I could not be more proud! The whole idea of first off deciding to do this, then coming up with a shooting concept, following through on it and shooting it, is great. If only to have some nice framed pieces for your house afterward was the major goal, actually... I mean who doesn't want to have that, right?

One of the big things was having to kind of go with the flow of it all and change your concept mid-shoot to something that you are excited about. Mike changed his mind after having all 3 of his pieces printed and seeing that 2 of them weren't what he wanted. Which is great because one of them was one of the accepted pieces! Listening to his gut proved to be a smart thing here.

The opening is scheduled for this Friday at 6:30 at the West Hartford Art League 37 Buena Vista Road West Hartford CT.


Jean said...


"you need to get outa your comfort zone girl! figure out a vision and go for it!" that's what you said to me, proud mama, and that's the shot that made the cut! thanks again for your encouragement & support. :) see you friday.......

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Yay for Jean and Mike - really really awesome. You go people :)

Krystal said...

great job Jean & Mike- I'm proud of you guys! (and you too Carla, for being such an encouraging mama-bear!)