Tuesday, February 20, 2007

floral fashion shoot

This afternoon I shot some floral arrangements for a local florist, A Special Place in West Hartford- how cool is this? Sandy, the head designer, came up with this for a bridal show at the Wadsworth Mansion the other day and called me to shoot it for her up coming web site- I was pretty psyched to shoot it, it is so creative and fun! Sandy is so laid back and creative, we were both gabbing our heads off about flowers (I am an avid gardener) and come on, who doesn't love flowers? An hour and a half later I left to bring the boquets and arrangements to my studio to shoot. And all I have to say is, THIS IS MY JOB!!!! How lucky am I?


Matthew J. Wagner said...

Beautiful work! (to both of you, that is)

I like the new blog look! Way to go!

Robin Dini Photography said...

love it! what a great opportunity. The site looks great too!