Sunday, February 25, 2007

meghan & brian

Friday I photographed Meghan & Brain's engagement pictures in the FREEZING cold, with some serious wind. Why not wait for the spring? Well, I offer a custom guest book that feature pictures from the engagement shoot so I need time to design and order it (it takes a month just on the album company's end) and I am not a fan of cutting things close! Meghan & Brian were such good sports, I think I was the biggest complainer of the day! I don't know where I am finding these couples that are just so easy and comfortable in front of the camera, but they were SO super comfortable and needed very little 'warming up.' This was good as my 'warming up' sessions tend to be me cracking my dry old jokes! And Brian, no, you do NOT suffer from the Chandler Bing Syndrome!
Another exciting aspect of our shoot was this was my first people shoot since seeing Kevin Kubota's seminar at the CPPA's Convention on February 12th- 'Dynamic Digital Imaging.' For those of you that don't know, I am a seminar junkie- I feel that you can learn something from everyone and can find inspiration in things that are not centered around weddings.

This was a big part of Kevin's message- he finds inspiration in so many things- it was nice to hear one of my idols talk about things that I believe in so strongly, it means I am on the right path! In alot of Kevin's images he has his brides and grooms doing some pretty dynamic things, so of course, people ask him how he gets them to do it. 'Just Ask!' he said. Simple but true. His clients trust him and hired him because they love the imagery that he creates and they trust his creative vision. The same is true of anyone's clients- so if you are my client and are reading this now, prepare yourself for some fun sessions! On your wedding you only have one time to get it right, be adventurous and open minded, you never know what you can come up with!

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Studio Foto said...

Hey Carla I absolutely love the far away shot of the couple in the grass with the fence. It's so incredibly bee-u-teee-full!!
See you soon! Krystal