Sunday, February 25, 2007

freezing my hoo-ha off part 2

As if it wasn't cold enough for me on Friday, I had a second engagement shoot on Saturday and it was COLDER! Not sure how that happened as I was not on the open beach with those forceful shore winds! But cold it was, and luckily for me Zack was such a prepared gentleman he let me use his spandex gloves, better to shoot in than the ones I was trying to use! Melina & Zack are such an energetic couple- we were talking about the photos we are going to do before their ceremony and it may involve a farm, an old white barn and COWS! I am really amped for that, for many reasons- old barn, anyone? And white? Love it! Throw in some cows for good measure and my mind is spinning! Lot of black and white, hopefully some rich green grass and deep blue skies...!
Love the shadow shot I got of Melina & Zack- I was telling them how when my husband and I travel I try to get at least one shadow shot of us showing where we have been. I try to get some type of cool shadow shots during my weddings, it's really hard to get something different and interesting- and also hard not to be in the shot myself! Thankfully I have photoshop!

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