Tuesday, March 06, 2007

blue skies and bling bling

Saturday it was a scorching 60 degrees here in CT! It now feels below zero.

So I will revisit my shoot from Saturday and remember how warm it was, I was actually HOT. Sweat was involved. I got in my car after and almost choked on the heat. Yeah, really.

But I had the pleasure of working with Becky and Vince, who totally trusted my delusions of grandeur and happily agreed to do what I asked- 'Put our feet in the icy cold water? Sure!' 'Walk barefoot in the cold sand?' ' Go on private property?' WHY NOT?? Well, good for us all because I absolutely love their images!

The best part is they are having a beach theme for their wedding, hence the beach shoot- and they are also getting a customized guest book, which is going to fit nicely into their theme! Another great part about Sunday is that I brought them to the beach where I spend a lot of time, it is where my inlaws live and where my husband and I got married, so I am familiar with it's nooks and crannies. Some of the things I love about engagement shoots is incorporating things I enjoy- reflections, shadows, abstractions- especially that. I love taking a picture of a couple and having another couple look at it and be able to see themselves in my images. It was challenging on Saturday b/c we started close to noon on a sunny beach, which as most photographers know is not the ideal. Not for me, at least, I prefer cloudy days and more atmospheric light. But I was up for the challenge and put on my polarizing filter and tried some new things. It is always a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and see what you can make work. Especially because these things can and will present themselves at weddings where you are much more pressed for time and need to have these things thought out so you don't lose valuable time! And yes, that sparkle is all natural in the bling shot! I almost dropped my camera and was blinded. Luckily I have the reflexes and agility of a cat.


Mary said...

man! bling bling is right! that's crazy bright!

love all the reflection shots and the heart in the sand. you do really gorgeous work babe!

STEVE DePINO said...

Simply beautiful images

STEVE DePINO said...

Simply beautiful images

Matthew J. Wagner said...

Woah!! Bling sparkle!!!! Incredible! Rock on!

Zoe said...

Way to go Carla! Best winter engagement photos ever!