Sunday, March 11, 2007

jock my croc

Just back from an engagement shoot in Newport and while there Alescia and I checked out the Pink Pineapple, which is a trendy little shop on Thames Street. We checked out their amazing Croc selection to find the new, beautious Prima Croc and Mary Jane Croc! I can't tell you how excited I am as I swear by my Crocs- as ugly as they are, and yes, I do admit that they are, but THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE! I wear them with pride and fashion be damned! I was actually lamenting the fact that I recently misplaced one of my black crocs, which are my shoe staple and thought maybe I would look for something else. But. After having two kids my feet are wider and shoe shopping has lost its appeal. Sad for me. And yet, here come the Crocs to save me! I had a bear of a time finding the silver ballet shoes in my size but tenacity paid off and I just ordered some. Dorky, yes. Comfortable, fo shizzle. Tho- I would NOT recommend wearing these doing any construction. I had the misfortune of wearing my pink ones while assembling my kitchen cabinets and stepped on the most blunt screw- it went totally through my Croc, and into the ball of my foot! My clients Heather & Steve stopped in right after I did this to drop off their contract and had the pleasure of seeing me pasty white, ready to faint! Professional, party of one! Besides the painful hole in my foot the most annoying part was having a hole in my Croc, so when I walk on anything damp it seeps in. Super annoying. I will post a picture of my rockin Croc when I get to my studio tomorrow, along with pictures from my super fabulous shoot with Matthew & Alescia!


Mary said...

hhahah Carla you CRACK me up!! can't wait to see those gorgeous pics.


Studio Foto said...

Hey they make crocs in maryjanes now?! I'm gonna have to get me a pair of those puppies ; ) Then we'll match.