Monday, March 05, 2007

just another friday night at the irish american club

I had the honor of going to the Irish American Club this past Friday with my friend and very talented photographer, Matthew J. Wagner and his wife, Teresa and my husband Dave. Can I now add singer to that list of talents? Come ON, he went up there and sang a raucous rendition of U2's 'One' which you have to have some chops to even try in the shower let alone in the IAC. Matthew usually shoots for the band, Nervous Rex (I JUST got the double meaning now! duh) who is fronted by Dr. Neil of Old Wethersfield. So he brought his gear, all Canon. I am a Nikon gal myself so it was fun to try his Canon and feel good about why I shoot Nikon! Just kidding. But it did make me realize how well I know the controls of my own camera. While shooting I kept going for things that just weren't there- but it was fun test driving someone else's gear, especially while drinking!
Matthew had another guy join him to sing- I forget his name but he was from Dublin and used to play soccer with Def Leppard and Larry Mullins' (the drummer for U2) sister used to babysit for him! Small world!


teresa said...

HI Carla,

WOW! What an awesome looking guy you captured singing.
Thanks for coming out with us.


Studio Foto said...

Talk about small world- Dr. Neil Shaprio is my dentist! He's a rockin' good dentist! And he used to be the bass player for Paul's brother Brendan McNerney's band. Here's a plug for Brendan's band, now named GIRTH, another rockin band that needs to be heard. By the way, most of the photography on the website is ours : ) I love doing musician photography too!