Wednesday, March 28, 2007

vegas, BABY!

Wow. So. Us CT PUG folks are having the BEST time in Vegas! I had the honor of being invited to a party hosted by Kevin Kubota, who just happens to be one of the top 10 photographers in the world, is sponsored by Nikon and is one of the most humble and kind men I have ever met, along with his wife Clare and a host of other great people at Roy's. It was so much fun- there were stretch limos involved, a crazy limo driver and a trip to a very cool private club on the roof of the Mandalay Bay! I felt pretty cool, I must say. All an illusion for sure, but I am enjoying myself regardless! My friends from CT are having a great time as well- Matthew J. Wagner crashed Kubota's party and we got a picture with Kevin and Doug Gordon, who recently has his work on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine and is highly regarded in the industry as well. Doug and Kevin hosted a seminar on the top 50 best business tips- for a PACKED HOUSE! There were so many people they had over 100 people in the hallway that they had to turn away! So, Zoe and Steve and I waltz in, find NO seats and were going to have to sit in the aisle on the floor and not be abel to see anything. Until they made an announcement saying there was no sign language interpreter and does anyone know sign language??? Well, HOO HA for me! I jsut happen to know sign and got to sit ON THE STAGE and interpret for a really nice man from Galludet University in D.C. until the real interpreters got there 1/2 hour later. This was in front of like 600 or so people? I was very nervous but super psyched b/c I got the best seat in the house, and was able to sign again, which I don't do enough. I had randomly met 2 deaf guys the night before outside of the MGM volcano so I was able to get a little practice the night before!


Orchard Cove Photography (Amanda Harris) said...

You didn't tell me about the sign language thing - that is such a crack up. Hope you have a good rest of your time in Vegas - I'm at the airport utilizing FREE internet :) Safe travels!

Robin Dini Photography said...

This sounds so amazing! I can't wait to go with you next year! Sounds like you are really taking the town and the industry by storm Miss Carla! Don't forget us little people when you get huge!

Emmanuel Sp├ęciale said...

Hy, It's Emmanuel !

I saw your blog because of your business card, I 'm sad to do not see you again. This is my email adress and this is my blog
Nice to meet you again, emmanuel

PS: (Kubota's Party)

Tere said...

well hoo ha for you carlotta! I bet you signed all in slang so your guy didn't even understand you. all ghetto n shyte! so how DO you get your sound effects accross in sign?? peace out sista. holla!