Monday, October 22, 2007

the only 10K i am hitting is on my blog, baby!

WAGNER! Of the Teresaa Wagner variety, please and thank you! She is comatose with excitement at my blog content! Nice shirt Matthew! ;)

Adrian Correia, jockin' me on his Mac!

Jeff Reilly aka Face First Films and the dubious Bob 2.0 getting me getting them, all for the blog baby. All for the blog.

can't a girl love herself? Come ON!

The stunning Amy Ross Jacob of Ross Jacob Photographers, at the start of her day- 'a cup of java, a good hair day and carla ten eyck's blog'

YAY! Jean is finally O-U-T!! She is my magnificent second shooter & ace assistant!

Ideagirl aka Tammy, sending her support while channeling a can of spam! :)

Jaime O. from Wichita Kansas way, giving carla ten eyck photography the official 'thumbs up!' outs himself as a carla ten eyck photography lover

paul & krystyle of studio foto making faces

the amazing jen assistant to the stars of studio foto welling up with emotion

the Mister & Mrs. MARANTZ of Justin Marantz Photography are double the fun

I appeal to Strider as well, here he is with the amazing Amanda Harris of Orchard Cove Photography

Robert Norman could only fit half of his head in the frame

RE, after shooting 3 weddings in a row

This is how Matthew J. Wagner normally looks

Who knew that last October I would be as much of a blogging addict as I have become? OK, maybe I had high hopes- I love talking to myself (which totally drives Amanda & Jean crazy when they work with me) so what's the big deal about typing to myself, really? Except that there are people out there that actually read it! Mostly a lot of lurkers, hi to all of you, I know you are out there I can totally see your IP addresses. I know, I know, get outta your metadata! But would it really kill you to post? Come on. DO IT! I totally care. Please enjoy the photos of some of my my devout and loyal blog followers- I have readers from as far as New Zealand (hi Matt & Sarah!) to Wichita Kansas(Hi Sister O & CRG senior & jr.!) to California (what's going on Dr. Dre?!) to the big C-T! Way too many wonderful people to mention. Just wanted to say that I appreciate the support, or the stalking- whatever you want to call it- like a whole lot. Seriously, really and truly! Thanks!!

Feel free to send in a picture of yourself enjoying my blog, I will post it!!


Lunell Troy said...

Lurker here. I'm coming out of hiding to say "CONGRATULATIONS" on your 10,000 hits! I've been a big admirer of your work ever since 2005 when we moved closer to Hartford and saw your photos at Mayor Mikes. Congrats again! :)

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Hello LURKER Lunell! Thanks for outing yourself ;) I love lurking myself... :)

STEVE DePINO said...

such a great idea I love this post!

ideagirl said...

Hi Carla!

::waving madly::

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Thanks to Jaime O. aka Scruffins Multimedia for the idea! I think we need to have a national 'lurker outing day' it's been a wonderful treat to see everyone! Come on MARY!! I know you're out there!

Jaime said...

I wanna see more monkeys in the next 10k. Congrats! Love, your favorite stalker

Jean said...

did it work? am i out?? a lurker no more!

Teresa Wagner said...

love the pic of my crazy hubby. LOL

Robin Dini Photography said...

those are awesome. An honest laugh out loud of Matthew's pic. Too funny! Congrats on your 10k sista!

Mary Bess said...

you are amazing!! I can't wait to see what the next 10,000 bring! everyone should fess up to being a Carla blog's the best addiction to have! all the cool kids are doing it.

face first films said...

(valley girl accent, please)
mary is so right!

face first films said...

I totally blew it carla- we hooked a video camera up to a mac at work, one slow day, and "photo boothed" a ton of pictures. I've got some funked up ones- so does 2.0

Carla Ten Eyck said...

send 'em in, reilly!

Jaime said...

Attention Carla Stalkers: check out my homage to the CT we all know and love.

Mary Bess said... I have the valley girl accent in that scenario or does jeff? hmmm...either way, like totally for sure!

face first films said...

I meant it in a general way for people to read it with the valley girl accent. but I sure wish I had one!