Monday, October 15, 2007

photo + booth

OK, so I am totally going out of order here but I am so pumped to get this done so quickly- this photo booth was from Melissa & Bill's wedding at Cascades this past Saturday and was it a BIG HIT! At one point there was a line that snaked through the entire place! One of my favorite things about the photo booth is that there is such a mixture of formal, serious shots and straight up goofy ones. What a nice way to have really nice pictures taken at a wedding without all of the visual back ground clutter, I say. This is a condensed version of what we shot, otherwise it would be as long as Kate & Ted's on my site- about 900 shots! YIKES! I am going to condense that and post it here soon! This song is here special for Melissa & Bill they were introduced to this song! A big congratulations to you both! Enjoy Italy!


Robin Dini Photography said...

love that idea so much! what a great bonus for the bride and groom. Talk about exceeding expectations! Couples that meet with me usually express the importance of getting candids of their guest and this is another great way to do that. I'm sure the guests love it too when they see the final product. Wohoo! The song kicks ass too.

nikki nicole photography said...

so much fun! love to see what people do in the photo booths!