Sunday, March 02, 2008

lori + dan wedding at the goodwin hotel

Mike grabbed a shot of me shooting the shoe shot below

I ran my three favorite action peeps on this- a Kubota Fashion Passion + a Steve DePino PRO Action Acwesome Curves + Newsprint Paper topped with a Jesh DeRox Mojave texture. I'd say those three boys play well with others, no?

While I was shooting the girls Mike took the guys and had some fun. I love this super serious military style set up he rocked.
You know I love my parent dances- so much emotion! For me AND for them!
Video lights are your friends, play around with their light while trying not to get in their shot... tricky but worth it!

This guy is PUMPED. I think he just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico.
I had to SPRINT across the room to grab this shot- I heard the DJ announcing it, saw her swinging the bouquet about to throw it and snagged it, heart racing and camera firing like crazy!
I have shot at Hartford City Hall a bunch of times so I am always trying to see it in new ways- I really like this new take on city hall AND a feet shot combo.

While shooting I ran into Lunnell Troy of Troy Photography!

The railings and lights are some of the best parts of City Hall. Oh and the light itself. And the floor. And the atrium. And the stairs. I could go on!

Working that video light and the super high speed D3

Those two had me in tears, they were so emotional.

I know Jean is my reflection machine but I was feelin that loooong limo

Seriously? Where do I start? The light? The shoes? The length? The colors?

Oh and then it got better! The ladies were such naturals and really worked it!

This is one of my favorite places in City Hall- I never see enough people utilizing this spot, which is fine with me! :) Maybe because it is a very low light but romantic spot where using flash would ruin it, I think. I love it!!

My second favorite place in city hall- the elevator! I am liking the bridesmaid & bride combo as a new way to change it up

A little foreground background action- those colors were just calling my name all day long

Mike getting in my shot. Scoot over dude

a sort of silhouette of Lori that really grabbed me- it totally highlighted her veil, which was her mother's- it also kind of reminds me of the ipod commercials where they are kind of silhouettes but not really but sort of. But not really. But a little.

The back button continuous focusing really played a hand in the success of this image- that and the fact that they are wearing their hearts on their sleeves!!

Right after their first kiss these two just erupted in laughter, it was awesome!

As so it begins! My 2008 wedding season is now officially ON!! I can't be more excited if I tried, to be honest. There have been so many new things going on, all lining me up for quite the season.
OK, so I am going to go OFF in this post, prepare yourself.
Now, yesterday Mike and I tag teamed Lori & Dan's wedding, both armed with our spanking new D3's and 84 1.4's (which we both decided is never coming off our cameras it is like shooting with butter and salt baby- my 2 favorite condiments) Can you feel me on that? But being a realist, I know that you can't get blood from a stone, no matter what you are shooting with. I can't impress this on my current and potential clients enough- our relationship is a partnership- I work for your trust, hopefully get it, you in turn open yourself to me, show me what you're all about and BAM! We just make some magic stuff happen... ideally, of course. But the whole thing hinges on both of us giving. Lori & Dan? Well they just opened up immediately to me and Mike back at our engagement session in December- as we did to them, saw what we produced and trusted us even more. So their wedding at the Goodwin in Hartford was almost like picking up right where we left off.

They are two of the most expressive people I have photographed- so into each other and just so happy to be near each other. Their energy is contagious and their bridal party was the same way- full of positive energy and laughs all day- it made shooting all day a dream.

On a more technical note- I shot all JPEG large fine and the quality is NUTS. Not even once did I feel the pressure to shoot RAW. I admit I was a little daunted by the potentially huge file sizes and just invested in THREE 16 gig cards (thanks Jer for the sale tip!) But I honestly feel like I am pretty rock solid on my exposures and just trusted myself and my new baby to come through. This thing is so solid I only drained HALF of a battery on a 14 hour shooting day (with over 5K images collectively shot, btw) Not too shabby! Of course I was a paranoid freak and switched out my battery 8 hours into the day, just in case.

This camera enabled me to shoot far past my previous natural light norm and I feel as if I am going to be a far better photographer for it. It is just how I see things and to be able to say- 'see? THIS is how it was' with my images is just fabulous.


Robin Dini Photography said...

girlfriend, i'll write the last part later, but the pictures are freakin' stellar! the colors in the bridesmaids shots are so bangin'! Yeah D3!

Jacob Bergmeier said...

LoVe. iT! (<--- uh tHEm)

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Jacob I can't even pretend to be cool enough to understand your b-log slang, brother!! Interpret for an old lady will you?? LOL (that means laugh out loud)

;) (that means I am winking at you)

nikki nicole photography said...

wow!!!!!! those images are amazing and stunning!!!!!! love the shoe shots.....textures....the way you rocked city hall, the light everything....i need to come guest star soon with you!!!!!!!

Eric Foley said...

What's this curve and newsprint action you speak of? Gotta be da shoes money!

:[+)**&^ - That means I'll see you on Saturday;)

Jacob Bergmeier said...

"Them" being the photos

Rnormfoto said...

Decipher this: " You F&#@$*G rock"!

Studio Foto said...

You should call your new camera the Nikon 3-D, the shots are so three dimensional! Nice colors, fun couple, what better way to start the new season?!!

E. Broderick Photography said...

As always--your images are beautiful. I especially love the photo of the Geico guy! LOL.

raw photo design said...

Daaaaammn home girl. you rocked that wedding like it was 1999....these new shots with your D3 make me want to come over to the dark side...

Lunell Troy said...

Carla - gorgeous images! I was great bumping into you :)

Lunell Troy said...

I mean "it" was great bumping into you. Although I was pretty great come to think of it :) :) :)

Robert J. Trenske said...

Wow, these pictures are absoloutely beautiful. I love how you captured the old feel and architecture of the building. I can learn a lot from you. Will you be out at WPPI this year? If so, I would love to meet up with you and any CT Puggers who are going!!

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Robert there are going to be a whole gaggle of us in Vegas next week- are you coming to the next PUG meeting? It's at my studio in Hartford. I hope to see you there!!