Friday, March 14, 2008

lynne + scott's e shoot workshop

A little post on this really made it pop- Steve DePino's PRO actions 'Blue Steel' and lo sharpen + a Kubota Fashion Passion and Digital Fill Flash, in case you were wondering
Mike Romano set this headlight umbrella shot up and I took full advantage of his creative idea!! Thanks Mike!

Both of these images (top & bottom) were a mixture of peeps- Kubota digital fill + PRO Actions Holgaize + textures (three) by Jesh de Rox

When Scott put on his hat I had envisioned a very different shot than what I was getting- the light wasn't working for me and the back ground was very distracting so I switched it up and looked for an evenly lit space with even the smallest patch of blank wall- We were a little close to another Starbucks patron but I worked quickly! :)

Amanda Harris & Mike Romano working it

All of the images below are shot by the super talented Mike Romano...

All of these below were shot by the amazing Amanda Harris- she has some great in action shots and some incredible shots of Lynne & Scott- way to rock it sister! Thanks for letting me poach these from your b-log! :)

Lynne and Scott are such sweethearts, for so many reasons. One of which is them not minding me turning their engagement shoot into a learning shoot with my girl Amanda Harris and Mike. Lynne and Scott were open to anything we wanted to do so I came up with some parameters for Mike and myself- no strobes allowed, only found light. I wanted to really see how far we could push our cameras. Now I admit I was a little wary, but only a little. Even thought I love natural light there comes a point when you just have to slap that flash on your camera and make it work. But I was determined to make it work- and I knew that Lynne and Scott were a patient and trusting couple where this could actually work. So we started at 4:00 on the most dreary rainy day EVER. And then we go to one of the most gorgeous places, Avon Old Farms School- it is like Harry Potter meets the Hobbit there, and I was in heaven! But kind of not at the same time because it was pouring out... so I had to think on the fly.

A lot of people ask me if I reschedule engagement shoots because of rain. My answer is a resounding no. What if it rains on your wedding day? I need to be able to shoot in all conditions, not just ideal ones- I think that is one of the hallmarks of a solid shooter, to be able to roll with whatever is thrown their way and still produce great images. I'll bet we've all booked a wedding at a fabulous place only to have it rain and not be able to utilize the grounds etc. as you had planned.... so then what did you do? I shot one of my favorite weddings that way! And because I had shot in so many different conditions I was confident and not freaked out.

Throughout the shoot I would stop and ask Mike & Amanda to take charge to see what they were seeing. Favorite thing number 12- being in the same place and all seeing something completely different!! That never ceases to get me all fired up! What a way to keep learning and growing as a photographer, take people out with you- talk while shooting, show each other your shots, work with the couple. Another thing we worked on was directing Lynne & Scott. Even though they were a dream couple and seemed really comfortable in front of the camera (or cameras, I should say) they still needed some gentle guidance- and sometimes even just reassurance that what they were doing was what we wanted. I remember Lynne laughing at me and how excited I get when I shoot!

On our way out, it was yucky and rainy- so we're running to our cars. Mike reminds me about wanting to shoot only using head lights to light them. (We had been brain storming some new things we wanted to try prior to the shoot) I had totally forgot! So he set up the shot. It was nice but we needed some light on their faces- so Amanda held the mag light from behind the car to light up their faces a touch- Mike then had them swing the umbrella the other way so their silhouette was on it- I think it was brilliant and really made the shot!!

After Avon Old Farms we hit up Starbucks to warm up and plot out our next location. The staff didn't mind us shooting which was awesome. It was not an ideal location, in fact the place we all saw and wanted to shoot in was taken already. Which was perfect! So OK, now what's our plan B? I threw it to Mike and Amanda and it was awesome watching them work that Starbucks. I had Scott rock his most favorite hat that he always has with him- I think it is my favorite shot of the day that I set up. I had him sitting on the back of one of the big chairs but the lighting was kind of harsh and there were some distractions so I just put them in front of a solid yellow wall that had even lighting and had Lynne join him- she instantly relaxed him.

I can't wait to rock that hat with him in his tux! Now THAT is going to be cool!!!


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Beyond The Lens Photography said...


You guys really ROCKED this shoot! Awesome post processing and I personally love the behind the scene narrative going on here! You guys ROCK!!! :)

Carla Ten Eyck said...

um, thanks? nikki!!!!

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oh carla you know what i ment....

you always seem to amaze me....sometimes my brain...well you know.....

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Soooo inspired now.

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Great job Carla and crew! You always seem to push the limits of creativity! Very inspiring!

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Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

Barb and Courtney said...

Words cannot express the creative vision of Carla's work until one sees it. There is a unique style to Carla's work which evokes all the senses to go beyond the image seen. That is, the moments are captured by the photographer's eye, but more importantly, told a story of the subjects' lives from their perspective.
What a cohesive work of art...enjoyed it immensely. Love the silhouettes in front of the headlights and reflections in rain.
Best regards, B, G, and C