Thursday, March 13, 2008

March PUG meeting at c 10 ike's new digs

That's right Anthony! NIKON. I almost made it through a post without mentioning my D3! my bad

Candace Jeffrey & Tina

Justin & Mary Marantz of Justin & Mary Marantz fame!

Jackie getting the bird's eye view of the meeting

Justin Marantz, looking super cute

There are never enough pictures of me and my girl Krystal because she and I are always the ones shooting!

smaller bites!

If you make a funny face Mike will shoot it and I will post it, so check yourselves!

no comment

Me, Paul, Pam and Mike

Mike & Steve getting all GQ on themselves

me and my boy .com- I love his Bizarro shirt and his new six pack! ;)
The lovely Jane of Iris Photography hung until late night since we live right around the corner from each other!

Last night marked a year ago that I hosted my first PUG meeting, so what better way to commemorate that then to host it again? We had almost FORTY photographers in attendance, which is killer- not to mention a whole gaggle of newbies!


raw photo design said...

these shots are just a tad more "under control" then the last shindig at your place! why didn't we have the meeting in the tub?

Eric Foley said...

I had a blast, can't wait till the next one:)

Jaime said...

I wanna see more pics of your new pad. Pleeeeease. Thanks.

Robin Dini Photography said...

those cupcakes are going to be paperweights at the next meeting. They're going to be around forever!

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

And what exactly is a gaggle? Is it like a peck or a dozen?...:) I had a blast! And I was elated to meet so many ahh inspiring people under one roof..yes one might say I had met them before, but I don't remember that thanks to Paul and Shaun soooo, this was a nice reunion!

JAG Studios said...

The meeting rocked, I loved my spot, such a great view from there!
congrats again on your new studio and new look... the site looks great too!
have a blast in vegas!

p.s.--greatest shot of robert norman.

Tania Sones Photography said...

You throw a mean shin-dig Carla! The studio is AWESOME!!!

Great shots Mike :-)