Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ali + anthony wedding at st. clement's castle

Friday's wedding at St. Clement's Castle with the Wooten - Tantillo clans was the beginning of the double header weekend that me, Mike and Miss Laurie Crutchfield had. And a big thanks to Mother Nature for keeping us on our toes!
When I first met Ali, we sat and chatted for over two hours, she was almost late to work! Our conversation was so easy and fun, and we just loved talking about all of the details of their wedding and about life. The thing I love about Ali is she knew what she wanted from the beginning. Some people get engaged, start doing research about wedding photography and are like, 'WOW, I didn't know it could be like THIS!' But Ali knew. And she trusted me and Mike to do for her and Anthony what she knows we do best. So Mike and I pulled up a chair and ate, drank and laughed till we dropped!!


No. We shot. We saw things that we had to shoot, things that challenged us and things that made me all teary eyed and emotional. Mike brought his A game and got some terrific stuff. And Miss Laurie Crutchfield was there, watching us shoot, shooting right smack in the middle of a giant D3 sandwich, working those tricky light situations and cursing Canon the whole time! OOOOoooohhhhhh!!!! Say you weren't! ;P

I love the many hands busy at work on Ali's hair

I should make a hat like this and make Mike wear it, huh.

Tiny jacket. Giant jacket.

Ali's dress was just all buttons, as far as the eye could see...

Miss Ali should add being able to walk in these (one of THREE pairs of shoes she brought) as one of her skill sets!! It added about a foot to her height, which was necessary, Anthony is 6'4"- I think she subconsciously motivated me to finally learn how to rock my very own heels...so thanks sister!!

The flowers, the flowers, the flowers! Wildflowers in Tolland rocked it! Can you say FIDDLEHEADS? Did you know they are edible?

Slowly working my way into the room. I love how this bridesmaid was just hanging right outside the door...she thought I wasn't shooting her...but I am one tricky lady!

I loved the bridesmaids dresses- floor length brown with pink sashes

Ali's makeup was great- but she really is such a natural beauty with the best cheekbones!

The dive!

Ali & Anthony opted for a first look, but it happened kind of spontaneously and man did we have to think on our feet! Anthony was actually heckling me here, and making me laugh!

I just love the sunflowers in the bouquets, so super pretty

Since the weather bit it, we shot our bridal party in the art gallery room where the ceremony was going to now be. Yeah it's dark but Mike and I weren't worried. I heart Nikon.

Ali's a big horse lover, and I am a big shoe and foot shot lover. Mix the two? You get this!

There was a really cool old tyme carraige that brought them for a spin right before the ceremony and then after- once they were done they gave guests rides!

Yes, Anthony JUST SAW ALI like TEN minute ago and he was still super pumped to see her come down the aisle!! I love his smile

The ceremony room was super tight, and I was practically on top of Ali when I shot this. But I still felt like a ninja and am confident that I looked like one too ;)

I have such a soft spot for Ginny, I loved watching her watching her daughter on her wedding day- I'd catch her eye and send her support and a smile...she really got me choked up all day

Ali and Anthony catch up with their little guy, AJ after the ceremony- he was in such good spirits all day

Miss Laurie Crutchfield working it!!

I feel like this could have almost been taken a hundred years ago

Even the driver looked the part!

OK, OK! I know I have a thing for this shot- but I just love the brides arms thrown over the grooms shoulders...!

I caught this sweet moment towards the end of the night- AJ, with his Mommy and Gigi- he was still in a great mood!

End of the night comes...

Thank you Ali, Anthony and your families for letting us in and just putting it out there...!

Be sure to check out Mike's fantastic shots HERE!



Robin Dini Photography said...

stunning! i love the horse and bride foot shoot. super cute!

Rnormfoto said...

BEEE-utiful! Mike at the hair dressers (look a a bit like the guys who run ray-gun the Death Star---re-watch Star wars and you'll know what i mean)...the shot long down the road---and a "D3 sandwich"! Love it

laurie said...

even though I saw them already I still love em. and you just wait till I get my new 5D....dark rooms, no light, no problem....my next trip we will have to test out which one performs better...ohhhhh..was that a challenge.. ohhhh and watch out for those frogs :0

Eric Foley said...

Beautiful work 10! I love the shoe and dress shots! Spot on aah!

e. broderick photography said...

Lovely. The buttons down the back of the dress is a personal favorite. And Mike under the dryer. :)

Ryel j Photography said...

Such a romantic wedding!! I love how you guys captured it... with class and style!

Salty Grapes Photography said...

Oh my goodness, I have too many to comment on. Mike in the dryer made me snarf. =) The little jacket and the big jacket?! OMG... I absolutely love the "story" being told on the one where the groom was heckling you moments before the "first look." Amazing. Just beautiful Carla!