Tuesday, September 23, 2008

lauren + jamie wedding at harkness park in waterford

On Saturday Mike and I shot Lauren and Jamie's wedding at Harkness Park in Waterford, which is such a great place to shoot- it's easily one of my favorites. We had the best weather, clear blue skies and no humidity and everyone was in high spirits for the wedding.
I got a little bit of a taste of my own medicine for part of the day... I had the Fantastic Face First Films aka Jeff Reilly with Bob 2.0 filming Mike and I! It was a lot of fun, mostly for the mics on us- Jeff could hear everything I was saying- so I talk to myself a lot anyway but this time I'd hear a laugh way off in the distance and then that would make me laugh! I can't wait to see Jeff's interpretation of how Mike and I shoot a wedding!

Keep in mind I had no idea that Jeff was THIS close to me until I saw this shot of Mike's- this guy is STEALTH!

One of my favorite things about Harkness is the bridal suite- it's just flooded with this soft beautiful light and they have this really cool mirror

Now Miss Lauren is a singer and songwriter... and I had been hoping she was going to have her guitar with her so that I could shoot her rings on it, and of course she didn't let me down!

She has a beautiful voice and can rock that guitar like nobody's business.... here she has lyrics taped to the side of her guitar for a song that she surprised Jamie with!

Everything about Lauren fit Harkness- her hair, her dress, her SHOES for the love of God were so freaking pretty! Here she was trying to track Jamie down... she was so anxious to see him

Here they are, the shoes. So. Super. Pretty. Simple, elegant. Love them! Things happened kind of quickly once we got in the room to get ready so I combined a detail shot with an action shot of Lauren and her Mom and ladies helping her get dressed.

Once Lauren was dressed she was REALLY excited to finally see her man!

I loved Lauren's bouquet- all white dahlias, I have never seen that done before and man her florist knocked it out of the park!

Here her bridesmaids check on the status of the guys, who were right outside the window.

And we're finally off!

This was right as they saw each other, Jamie couldn't keep her at arms length for even a second and just embraced her. I love how his brow is all furrowed with emotion. Man, I love this guy!!!

We spotted this spot with this pretty light and just had to shoot it up

My trusty second, Mike, letting me scope out the flare situation

The groomsmen watching for Lauren and her Dad

The cuteness factor was running pretty high all day!

This was right when Jamie first spotted Lauren at the end of the garden

And here she comes....

And there he goes! He started to lose it a bit, and I just wanted to squeeze him

The hand off, father hug- one of my favorite moments. I love her Dad's expression

Here Lauren has a moment during her vows- and Jamie? Just reaches across the way and holds her arm... I got you, is what this says to me

Jamie composes himself right before starting his vows. I love this somber moment in the middle of the laughs and tears

During their first kiss the flower girl wanted to make sure she could see, it was pretty cute!

I love this moment-here Lauren is hugging her brother and Jamie is hugging his sister- nothing like some sibling love!

The bridesmaids bouquets were pretty dope as well!

This bridal party was pretty attractive, no? Look at the ring bearers suspenders and that big ole smile!!

I absolutely loved how Jamie and his boys interacted, they were like a bunch of puppies, all wrestling around and punching and then throwing in a hug here or there... it was not only funny to watch but to shoot!

Lauren and Jamie just tapped into my shoe fetish BIG TIME, right?

Heading back inside to the reception....

...sort of! Lauren wanted to stop and shoot a bit in this field, I was ALL over it!

Casualties of the day.... :( But still super pretty

During their first dance... these lights were CRAZY pretty. So I got down and dirty, literally, and shot up

Getting bombarded by some c 10 ike LOVE

Lauren and Jamie- Mike and I had such a great time- thanks for EVERYTHING! You both made us so comfortable and so did your families and friends.

Have fun in Indiana this weekend!!!

Be sure to check out Mike's shots HERE (be patient he has a new baby ;)



Anonymous said...

Oh I love them all, but most of them the shoeshot as it is a little bit different and the one the bride is ready and going downstairs.

Ruby Slippers said...

Oh wow, gorgeous as always!

STEVE DePINO said...

LOVE that "pre-vows" shot!!! such a simple and fantastic design to that image.

Katie Slater said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the opposing faces right before the vows, so simple and beautiful. What a super moment captured! :)

Kathleen@rjtpictures.com said...

Such a cool dress shot - and the one of her walking down the stairs is just beautiful.

Robin Dini Photography said...

i love all of these. the feel of the whole wedding is so great. the guitar shots are stunning! i love that she had the lyrics taped to the bottom. that's so sweet! awesome ceremony shots, especially the two faces on either side. woulda never thought of that :)

Robert J. Trenske said...

Beautiful job Carla, I really like these shots but especially like the ring shot on the guitar. Nice!

Mary Marantz said...

ok ummmm....whuuuuuuut?!?! These are INSANE!! One of my favorites from you EVER!! You seriously knocked it outta the ball park! (look at me using sports analogies....who knew?!) You HAVE to submit this wedding!


Beyond The Lens Photography said...

LOVE it!!!!! One of your best this year. And I am all in love with that "pre vows" shot too! The design factor is just insane!!!!! Lov'in it girlfriend!

virginia said...

WOW, first time here...linked via design sponge guest blogger. inspirational photos and text, and love the essay on your husband.
(i'm a RISD mom).
wonderful respite from the world's woes...

Rnormfoto said...

attack of the CTIKE logo!

the high-key shot with their faces alone on each side is just amazing---has -" thank you card"-written all over it

Eric Foley said...

I love your patented "Alien Flare"
These are all awesome! Love the shoe shots especially!

talia@sixpence said...

beautiful pictures Carla! Harkness is beautiful, definitely one of my favs too!

face first films said...

beautiful work carla...it's fun watching you shoot- not knowing exactly what and then seeing then end result.

E. Broderick Photography said...

Love these. Like everyone else, I also love the shot of their profiles before his vows. And the emotion as he spots her coming up the aisle, her emotion as she reads her vows. I also love the bride going down the staircase andthe dance shot from down low with the glowing paper lanterns. Lovely.

Salty Grapes Photography said...

OK, the field one is stunning. And the logo storm?! Bwah ha ha ha! OK, enough out of me... I'm blowing up your blog trying to catch up on all I've missed. =) XOXO Julia