Wednesday, September 03, 2008

meet the little guy

This evening I had the honor or meeting the newest member of the Romano family, little Aiden Michael!

Believe me when I tell you that to be in the first wave of ANY new baby visiting is an honor! I spit out two and I was on lock down, tired, crazy and a new Mom! So to be welcomed over by Mike and Kim just really made me feel pretty special and honored.

Most of you photographer parents know the feeling of capturing great moments throughout your kids lives- the only downside to that is that you never seem to make it in any of the shots! I have so many incredible images of Dave and the kids, but am hard pressed to get me in any... so since I know and live the pain of that I really wanted to give Mike the gift of having some professional images of him and his little guy on his first day out in the world.

This little guy looks like the spitting image of his Mom's baby picture! He even has the strawberry blonde hair like she did...

Mike changing a diaper for the first time...EVER!

Just the way he is looking at his little guy had me all emotional- the first day of becoming a parent is so emotion packed

Wow, his ginormous hands next to these tiny little feet is actually pretty funny!

Who knew Mike would be such a natural cuddler!

There is a little window a few hours after the baby is born where they are awake, and their eyes are open... looks like I was lucky enough to be there in that window!! Little Aiden was just checking everything out

I am pretty sure I want to put his toes in my mouth.... I believe I posted on this a while back to a flurry of nay sayers! But really. Those toes? Are. Edible!

These puppies are just too much for me

Giant paw....teeny tiny paw

And then little Aiden fell asleep while his Daddy cuddled him....!

Welcome little Aiden to the world, and to two of the most loving and doting parents and big brother you could ever dream of having...!

Congratulations Mike and Kim on making such a happy, healthy and beautiful little boy!!



Orchard Cove Photography said...

So so very snuggly - what an adorable little baby boy. You guys have an incredible journey ahead. xoxo

Jaime said...

Carla, don't eat the toes as tempting as it may be to you. What a cutie patootie. Looking forward to seeing more pics of that little guy in the future.

raw photo design said...


Val McCormick Photography said...

How emotionally sweet these are. Super duper congrats :-)

MIKE said...

Thanks Carla, for everything. It was awesome to have you here today. But you just missed he best part. The FIRST, SECOND and THIRD diaper change, back to back,,,YUCK

dorelies said...

So sweet!!! To Mike: Enjoy the first time with your baby.

Mary Marantz said...

OMIGOSH!!! These are INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously some of your best stuff EVER. It even had ME thinking for one half of one second about having a baby, so you KNOW they must be good!


Robin Dini Photography said...

oh my heavens....someone dropped a little angel in mike and kim's laps. how freakin' sweet is he! and look at dad! he shaved!

these are incredibly beautiful and now, I stand by my WILL BE in my delivery room! whenever that day might present itself :)

beautiful job woman...just beautiful!

laurie said...

that last picture almost brought makes me wanna grab my 40 lb and 50lb kids and snuggle em'