Saturday, September 13, 2008

Check out our breakfast!

Yes, I know you east coasters have all been up for like HOURS and all
but miss Harris and I just rolled into the fairmonts restaurant and
got their brunch and it is CRAZY pretty and fabulous! Yeah, we're high
rollers! And yes. Those ARE mimosas!!! :)


Jaime said...

Mmm...mimosas AND a tiny bottle of Tabasco. YUM!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if your still in SF, but check out the Top of the Mark lounge on the 19th floor of the Mark hotel...amazing!

And, when stopping in Sonoma, check out B.R Cohn vinyards. Lots of photo ops!

Shannon said...

SO jealous of that yummy looking meal!!! :)

Robin Dini Photography said...

love the little bottle of tabasco sauce :) but that cinnamon bun looks yummy! icy frost....mmmm.