Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i am stalking myself

In going through the rest of my engagement shots from this past weekend, I found a few more that I wanted to share! Nothing too deep about it, I guess! Just kidding, I guess there is- and it's something I am happy to share with my clients and potential clients. It is so easy to think that the work is done once the shutter is pressed- take the picture, that's it! It's a done deal. I was never taught that, from the time I entered RIT as a freshman to now. I used to piss and moan about having to cut museum grade archival mats for critique's in Dan Larkin's Photo 1 class, but honestly, I am the better for it today. Presentation is SO paramount to the success of your work as a whole. Some photographers may disagree, go ahead, have fun. But. I am SO right on this! I can take a great image but then if I don't do anything with it, who cares? If I present it to you as a print from CVS, it is not going to live up to its full potential as a piece of art. I use a professional lab who I trust to deliver top quality prints- then add in the computer side of things and you are cooking with GAS! (Although even though all us photographers know similar techniques of altering photos on the computer does not mean they will all come out the same- we all put our unique touches on each image and stamp our personalities on it!) Not to mention having a professional web site and super blogger and now you can enjoy my vision. I don't just see what I see when I am shooting you- I see the before, the during, the after. I see the colors saturated, borders, overlays, texture, music. OK, that's in my head only! Anyway- I didn't mean to rant but this is something that I am enjoying more and more each time I do it, trying new things, and really enjoying the end result- I hope you are too!

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