Sunday, May 06, 2007

m + o = love and balloons

Saturday was a stellar day of shooting on the beach with Michelle (m) and Omar (o)! There was a beach, and lots of colorful balloons. I won't lie, I totally got the idea from my shoot with Mary & Justin a few weeks back- Mary had a b-i-g bunch of red balloons, which added such a nice element to the shoot so I just knew I was going to bite that idea! I asked her first, don't worry! ;) Michelle discovered her fear of heights and I discovered Omar is really a ham and doesn't need any direction from me! Love it! Can't wait for their beach wedding in August!


STEVE DePINO said...

love that last shot!!! Great work!

Mary Bess said...

awesome shots dutchess tagline! you are the bomb dot com. HELLLOOOO!!

Teresa Wagner said...

love the idea of the ballons. AWESOME WORK AS ALWAYS!