Thursday, May 31, 2007

it's already been broughtin!*

Who's bringing sexy back, baby?? That's right. Me.
Last night was the most fun ultimate fighter PUG shoot out EVER! Jacklyn Greenburg was kind enough to let us invade her place on the shore and shoot to our hearts content! It was such fun to look around and see a beach crawling with photographers, all shooting, posing, some feeling awkward, some working it, all while trying to create some amazing images! I say it is always a good idea to be on the other side of the lens so we can see how our clients feel! I decided I would get in the water for some shots- it was actually not too bad. Of course, Teresa Wagner caught me coming out looking like a drowned rat, but what did I expect?? I am going to post more but wanted to get at least one photo up to prepare you for the onslaught!

*I am not illiterate, just referencing 'Not Another Teen Movie'!!!


Mary Bess said...

it, it's just what you bring! sexy, that is.

carla ten eyck said...

You always have my back, sister! LOVE IT!

Jacklyn Greenberg said...

Sexy mama! Way to work the camera from both sides girl! AND way to rock a party!! Greatest ever!! (you, that is!)

Teresa Wagner said...

Carla, I love taking your picture and capturing your emotions and expressions. Your the best, I love you sister! Thanks for making me feel like a PRO.