Sunday, December 16, 2007

becky + steve wedding at the hartford club

My last wedding of the 2007 season wrapped up November 10th with Becky & Steve's ceremony in Wethersfield and the reception at The Hartford Club in downtown Hartford. With a stop at one of my favorite places to shoot portraits, Hartford's opulent City Hall. It's funny because I have shot there a bunch of times and there was this brightly colored canvas that I sort of noticed (actually wished it was not there, to be honest!) but never really focused on as part of anything I shot. Until Becky & Steve's shoot. The funniest part about that is that Becky is an art teacher so it fit perfectly! Not only is it a really cool painting it tied in with the whole wedding & love & art theme so nicely. It's one of my favorite shots of 2007, for sure!
Another image I really liked from this wedding is Becky & Steve hugging on the stairs. Now when they called me for their wedding I was very hesitant to take the job- mostly because it is so late in the year that any natural light would be gone by the time it was time to shoot their formals and I am a natural light kind of gal. In meeting with Becky one of the first things she said was that she and Steve were planning on seeing each other before for portraits and family shots. I can't stress how wonderful this is for many many reasons!
First, the moment. Seeing each other for the first time, alone, is so powerful and special and wonderful and makes for some great pictures. It was only Becky seeing Steve when she walked down the stairs, and I was there off to the side doing my thing, quietly, taking it all in. They both were so overwhelmed with emotion they just clung to each other for a long time, there, on the stairs of her childhood home.

Second it's great because we shot all of the family stuff at the house and then they were done! That's right. DONE, as in no chasing people down for a picture during the craziness of cocktail hour! Now for that reason alone it makes sense, right?

Third, we had plenty of time for our formals at City Hall- we shot Becky & Steve and their bridal party first on the steps of the Old State House, got some outdoors stuff and then went inside to warm up at City Hall, relax, laugh and shoot.

Fourth- we were able to utilize natural light for our shoot. May not seem like a big deal but think about it- when you are checking out photographer's sites, think about which images draw you? I can guarantee that the majority of them are naturally lit! Just something to think about when planning your day!

Now Becky & Steve were the sweetest couple, I don't think I ever had a bride laugh so much! Becky cracked me up the whole day, her family brought me to tears several times just watching them watching her and Steve. It was wonderful!! Their flowers were by A Victorian Garden and were awesome!! Just had to give them a shout out... :)

I can't wait to put together my Best of 2007 slide should be fun!!!


daria said...

U ROCK 2!!

How cute is the portrait with the fun painting behind!
and that was some fancy-schmancy church!

I just added you to my list of favorite blogs that I check all the time!

Have a fabulous day!!

Eric Foley said...

Nice work as usual! You are the ring Queen, why not come out with a photo book of just ring shots? Might be a cool idea!

Rnormfoto said...

Hey - i'm diggin the elevator thing there! never thought of that. That is such a GREAT location for photos---but it's always been dim inside while i've been there. You are so darn spunky, you are your own light source :)