Friday, December 21, 2007

run forrest, RUN!

Just thought I'd do a running update with a different kind of shoe shot! You know I love my shoe shots.... what a way to personalize it though, right?
So I have a training plan in place, thanks to Renee: 3 days of running cut with 3 gym days and one day off, usually Fridays. It's great because I love my gym, it is so non-threatening to me and comfortable. That is one of the most important things if you are considering joining a gym- you have to feel comfortable there or it will be just that much easier to talk yourself out of going, right?
Another thing I am realizing is to stop patting myself on the back so quickly for getting there. Once you're there, WORK yourself. Don't waste your time! I take classes there, 99% of the time and I really have pushed myself in all of them- I am taking a spinning class 3 days a week after my power pump weight class which kicks my BUTT, I am drenched with sweat and my knees are shaking by the end of every class, but man do I feel great! In spinning it is easy to hide your levels and kind of coast a bit but why bother? It's fun to feel my improvement at each class the harder I push myself.

Another key to success that I mentioned in a previous post was finding a buddy. Does that help! Mike has joined me as my regular Tuesday & Thursday partner and now we have created quite the Sunday training group! This is where Renee joins us and whoops us. Anyone is welcome to join in at any point- so Nikki? I expect you there! Mike's wife Kim is going to be joining us as well! We start running at 10:00!! :)

The thing I really love about training with Renee is that she never makes you feel like a beginner, she constantly coaches and encourages you right when you need that little boost. But boy will she call you OUT if you talk too much- that means you aren't pushing yourself hard enough! Mike was chatting it up last week and Renee punished us both for it! Funny stuff. I am confident Mike did that on purpose to get me....

So my running 'plan' so to speak in general is longer runs Tuesday & Thursday's, for at least one hour. Distance isn't all that important, really, I am going for duration. I have to say that it's kind of fun plotting it out after though.... in a few days I will be able to post my stats like Steve on my blog (Santa came early for me! ;) so you can see my duration, distance and even my pace! Love that feature! I am not that diligent about logging in my times, so this should help.

I know a lot of you out there have either started running (Congrats!!!) or are considering it (Do IT!!!) and have been letting me know how nice it is to see my progress, so, here it is!! Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!

The NEXT 5K is Sunday January 6th at 1:30 in East Hartford- it's the 'Brian A. Aselton Memorial Snow Dash 3.05 mile Road Race' You can register on-site at 12:00 or ONLINE NOW


Orchard Cove Photography said...

I am hoping to start Yogaing 2 times a week after the New Year but it would be fun to tag along on a run or two with you....I have no doubt it would kick my butt. Totally agree with you about taking classes vs. motivating myself - I push myself so much harder in a class and feel so much more focused. I am SO proud of you for how you've taken to exercising - good for the mind, body, and soul! xo

Susannah McGlamery said...

Am SO proud of you sister! Rock on...