Monday, December 17, 2007

trash the dress, hartford style

Amanda Harris took this shot of me shooting! Where do I think I am, Antarctica??

So on Sunday I coordinated an impromptu trash the dress session with my good friend and trainer Renee at Hartford's Constitution Plaza. I feel like I have spent the past week there, I had another two shoots there on Saturday- one was a head shot and then I had a friend of mine, Mike, shoot me. That is a whole other blog post, wait for it! But on a side note, can I get an big ASS HELL YEAH for my new blog header pictures, courtesy of my man Mike! And to Martin for fixing the stupid code crap that was stretching me out and totally taking away from my svelte new figure!

OK, enough about me...for now!

So Renee was a trooper for us all- and there was a crowd of us- I called my great friends Paul & Krystal of Studio Foto and the amazing Amanda Harris of Orchard Cove Photography to shoot with Mike and I. Everyone was dressed like we were in the Arctic, except our fearless model Renee! She had on jeans and long johns underneath her dress and had to warm up in between shots. We didn't have a lot of time to shoot as the weather didn't really cooperate, in addition to the absolute freezing temperatures it started to rain, and then the wind would kick up. My camera was SOAKED, I was getting rain on my mirror and I had a bear of a time focusing- so it was a literal race against the clock when it started really raining we had to duck for cover. Luckily since Mike and I had shot there on Saturday we knew of a place that had a whole covered area that we were able to set up in, which let us do some fun painting with light series.

All in all this was so much fun I am setting up my very own session soon, so check back for THAT! My shooters Jean and Mike are going to have a field day, especially since I am so bossy- but I have some fun ideas that they are going to run with! Their only goal: make me look HOT!!

Thanks Renee for 'chilling' with us!!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

So I go to your blog so I can link to you from my post about the session and I see your BANGING new header - look at you Ms. Winter Wonderland - so cute - awesome job Mike! You definitely rocked this shoot. Me? My hands were too friggin' cold ;)

Rnormfoto said...

hey --- cool new header photos! A Winter Photo- Princess in Pink :)

Robin Dini Photography said...

LOVE THE HEADSHOTS! those came out fantastic with the lil' pink accent there. Rock it sister!

High FIVE to Renee for toughing it out. Those shots look awesome.

face first films said...

carla I was going to give you a BIG ASS HELL YEAH anywa- they are great! Nice work Mike! And nice work Amanda- I love that stuff! carla, these are great pictures- I love them. really. I think they just shot to the top on my favorite carla photos list!

Jaime said...

Lovin' the new look of the blog. And Renee rocked that dress.

daria said...

These are soooo much fun!
Very pretty!
I hope you all went for hot cocoa afterwards! You deserved it!
p.s. I like your new header too. very stylish!

nikki nicole photography said...

this session ROCKED!!!!!!!! and your new header....ROCKS THE MOST!!!!!!

Mary Bess said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of her with the "Santa is Real" sign. Awesome!!! Loving your cutie pie pinks scarf too!