Sunday, December 23, 2007

easy like sunday morning

looking a little like wet rats, but at least we're smiling!

the push up challenge

mike hanging his head in shame after getting WHOOPED by a girl

We did it, we ran in the shyte drizzle rain for a little over 3 miles- and we had quite the group! There were THREE first timers (with our group anyway) my girl Nikki Nicole, Renee's good friend Christine and Mike's wife Kim! Along with the usual suspects, Renee and Mike! They kicked BUTT! I think I could have stopped WAY more times than we actually stopped, to be honest. It was a nice time out, next time I am confident that Renee won't be so nice!
Once we got back to the house and stretched out we all did planks which SUCKED but I can already see my improvement from when I started. I used to not be able to hold one for even five seconds!! We only did two thirty second planks but I was able to do both. What a sight though, five women and one giant man all doing planks on my front porch!
So of course, not to be out done, Mike challenges Renee to a push up race or whatever. I know, what is he thinking? Of course she beats him! Maybe next time dude!

I will see you tomorrow Nikki for our run! This was SO much fun!


nikki nicole photography said...

hey carla....thanks for having me along this is a start to many more runs! see you tomorrow!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

You guys make me feel like SUCH a slacker :)

Carla Ten Eyck said...

we can't officially 'make' you feel anything, HARRIS! After the new year you'll join us, it's fun! xxoo

Mike said...

OK!!! so what I lost to Renee, shes a female version of a terminator. I don't see ANYONE ELSE (CARLA) challenging her.
Oh ya BTW, I wasn't hanging my head in shame I was looking for my contact, one of them fell out. : )

Carla Ten Eyck said...

Sure, four eyes!!