Friday, April 27, 2007

artsy fartsy

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Hartford Art School's Gala Fundraising Hoo Ha with my evil stepmother Jeanne. It was super formal, there were people in furs! They were sweating b/c it was so hot but they were there nonetheless! Older crowd for sure, black tie. I swaggered in in an awesome black dress I found with Susannah on super sale! My tats were in full form as well, it was awesome. I honestly had zero business being there! It brought back so many memories of RIT back when I was a creative arty lass...wait...I still am! ;) There was art school graffiti referencing Happy Days, which I am sure most of the current students have never seen but know that Cha Chi was played by Scott Baio! They all probably watched Joanie Loves Cha Chi and Charles in Charge! I know I did!! That Buddy, man he was a HOOT! My favorite guy there was the one who waltzed in wearing PINK corduroy pants who had the longest French name- I repeated it twice and felt like I was singing or saying something profound in another language. I also really loved their performance art- there was a guy videotaping the party and projecting it on the wall, while a string quartet played really strange arty jazz. Not a fan of the music, sorry! But the guy was videoing me, shooting him, videoing me....easy to get lost in that but it sure is fun to do! I also got to sit at the same table as the auctioneer for the evening, Nick, who also happened to be on Antiques Road Show this weekend! I had a great time heckling him and hooting from the table while he was auctioning! Totally appropriate! And, to wrap the evening up, I bid on an original Edward Steichen print, like I was rich! Yeah, that's how I roll!!

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